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mplementation of network passive marketing (two) the layout of the long tail search words

yesterday in the realization of the network "passive" marketing (I): "active" and "passive" which is good, we discussed the network "active" marketing and "passive" marketing difference. Today, a brief talk about how to achieve passive marketing on the network".

is mainly around the search engine + high weight platform + long tail words to carry out the work.

only our information out of the layout, in the search engine, there is enough information, adequate amount, basically a period of time to achieve passive marketing. Although the macro point of view, due to the rise of many other entrance, search engine traffic proportion will decline, but the base is still very large, even if we can get a little bit from search engine traffic inside is also very good flow. There will be a flow of customers.

here is a high weight of the third party platform, easy to be included, the principle of easy ranking. The high weight of the platform is very much, if carried out simply could write a book. It seems like a few days ago to see someone wrote a tutorial to sell. But in fact it is very much the same. So I don’t have to say it all. You should see a clever principle we can draw inferences about the. Just find your best platform to operate on the line.

I also talked about watercress, Tencent, micro-blog and other channels.

principle is absolutely similar, the effect is definitely some. Although I sent out a specific operation before, some people question the effectiveness of the problem.


why? First, I know now is some master in the principle of promotion, second, I have used, in several different stages had proved to be effective, many years ago in this way, of course, I do not know what the principle also, do not know what SEO, what weight, just know that I go to some websites sent us the company’s promotion information, after a period of time will have customers come over.

if you don’t know, you can say that this is the way, it has been worth a lot of money. But the most important thing is to perform. Implementation may have an effect, do not do it will never effect.

avenue to Jane, I think the better, the more the actual effect of the method, as if there is nothing to say. Like we used to do advertising planning, often to the customer proposal. See page more than and 100 sometimes copious and fluent PPT, in fact very empty, 100 pages would be a powerful and unconstrained style, 99 pages are all analyzed all kinds of pointing Jiangshan, sounds very creative but most exciting to stick, but those who really have the practical effect of the scheme, not so much to write, or write out boring customers want to sleep.

in fact, I am a high weight platform + long tail word cited search flow method, said here, basically experienced people, even if they did not understand this way before, have been aware of what is going on. But in order to let


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