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Let me stop offbeat promotion for thousands of daily explosion P

accidentally I also became a grassroots webmaster.

I wound up like, in various forums posting, advertising, find the link, but also hard to beautify the site and update the content, over time, I was tired of staring confused and disoriented, but with little success, every day only about one hundred IP.

? Every day I dreamed of traffic by leaps and bounds, rushing into money……

I also think of other ways: spend money to advertise? No money; SEO optimization, do not understand?…… My site is always like the embroidery car, groaning stop. Alas, that melancholy. However, a chance to ignite my inspiration, let me stop Kumufengchun


day, I go to work normally, go on the way home, suddenly a young girl gave me a name card, I took a look at, but terrified: the above is a beautiful picture, a seductive slogan "innocent schoolgirl, sexy, young woman, by disguising, Tel: 138********". I am dizzy! This year, pimps do advertising! I have a brainwave, my station can do!

said, I printed two name card box, very simple, it is my site logo, and then is a line of characters: mop.com Baba, hey, what else did not write, I would like to take advantage of people’s curiosity, also a temptation they log on.

how to send it, it cannot be chased away, and then I stop for sealing the over. Fortunately, I have some colleges and universities, not to mention my site is really suitable for students, I will take advantage of their school opportunities, at the school gate, a short time will be finished.

in the evening, I open my station, obediently, flow actually rose to more than and 500


I am very excited, immediately made several name card box, modeled on. But the second time to send it is not so smooth, just a few hair, school security came over, and asked what I do. I turn my head and say, I am a student union, this is our website, we do publicity. May be I long like a student, but also a sincere face, hey hey, security actually believe, but also helped me to send a few.

in this way, I rely on this method to make my site traffic straight up, now actually reached two thousand IP!

looking back on it now, in fact, this is the reverse thinking, how we think only about propaganda on the Internet, did not expect the line better publicity! As long as we think, there will be harvest.

now I planned the next step, and this is a collaboration of the college students, such as sponsoring some activities, then pull banners, "mop.com Baba (mopbaba.com) XXXX cup competition", and then printed some shirts, standing students wearing my website full >


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