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Website localization promotion is not completely practical manuals to promote nternet cafes

as the saying goes, wine is also afraid of deep alley, and a good product, if there is no opportunity to recommend to you, it is no good. Talking about the significance of website promotion, I believe few owners will not understand, but in the specific implementation of the time, often by such problems that baffled, can not find a breakthrough, I do not know where to start. As everyone knows, the promotion of the website for online promotion and popularization, is also localized promotion, and the latter is just let the webmaster feel confused, so this topic from different angles, covering the Internet promotion, promotion, promotion, promotion and other aspects of public service activities, hopes to benefit by mutual discussion. Today, the first to promote the localization of the first content, is the promotion of Internet cafes. Why are we the Internet as the vanguard of the local promotion, this is because the Internet has always been the general public access to the Internet, knowledge websites. Specific methods are the following:

1, Internet advertising

advertising has always been a rich man’s patent, but it is undeniable that the effectiveness of advertising is the best, even in the Internet cafes are no exception. As long as you are willing to invest. Each bar will and game agency to establish long-term cooperative relations, so in the original design and decoration, will set aside a lot of advertising position, such as the cafe cashier on the back wall are spraying a variety of advertising, also is each Internet cafes membership card is the best advertising. Easily overlooked is the Internet bar computer wallpaper and mouse pad, if these places on Web Advertising tend to whim not of the effect, after all, when the Internet, everyone will stare.

2, set the default site

this is a means of promotion of the Internet It is often seen., because most of the Internet to Internet cafes are students and some just contact network novice, they are very familiar to the network is not in general, is to open the IE browser, what is what, what. At the beginning of the hao123 site navigation and Internet cafes, using this method to attract a large number of Internet users, in one fell swoop to lay its leading position in the site navigation.

3, held activities

large Cafe almost every weekend will host a variety of activities, on the one hand, the Internet also needs activities to gather popularity, drive performance, on the other hand is a lot of network game manufacturers through Cosplay and other activities as a gimmick, as the promotion of the game. We can do that, according to their website and Internet business cooperation, held a series of related activities, such as a local e-commerce website, you can find several cafes, shopping online cooperative game, the game can also be local website in Internet cafes held 80, landlords and other activities, the effect is very obviously.

4, word of mouth marketing

and at home and in the office of the Internet is different, a big advantage in the Internet cafes is that we can easily communicate and interact. A lot of people playing online games in Internet cafes, a long time to know "


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