Method for drainage using Taobao film

as " bat" (three Internet giants) of Taobao, has been many Internet marketers drainage sites, such as small series before sharing: methods using Taobao to attract tens of thousands of traffic, will get a lot of friends point praise, today to share is the use of Taobao film drainage method but Qun Weiwei, here is a good news and bad news to tell you the bad news is that this method has been used, but not much, the good news is that now people know so, do it now, can the gun to a soup. Here’s how to do it:

1, open the Taobao movie,, as shown in figure


2, free to open a movie, and then turn to the following film reviews, as follows


see no, advertising information can be left directly, then this method is suitable for people who do drainage?

first is best associated with video, whether you are doing the film website, or micro business to sell movie or sell movie in Taobao, this is easy to do, because Taobao pictures is a film of demand, can lead to the absolute precision of tourists.

followed by the other is not related, such as the above comments to see the mask, micro business mentor and so on, these words are not effective, it is not recommended to do, but the amount of words can make up for this shortcoming.

editor: the method is very simple, the operation is not difficult, but suggested that they were "targeted" an antidote against the disease, drainage, so to achieve a multiplier effect.

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