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Startups Claned frequency was huge financing online education entrepreneurship Revelation

according to foreign educational technology company edsurge news in Finland startups Claned get 4 million euros (about $4 million 500 thousand) seed round of financing, this is after a few weeks ago 1 million 300 thousand euros and financing. Why in a short period of time, Claned can get so rapid development, it is not difficult to see that the success of online education companies have some in common, such as:

– teaching to meet the personalized needs of learners (learning purpose, learning habits and learning ability are the factors influencing learning effects);

Real time interactive

– with teachers and learners (immediate feedback is the most effective way to improve the efficiency of learning);

– class feedback and adjustment mechanism (the effect of learning is changing, teaching contents and methods must also change according to the learner’s dynamic adjustment);

attaches great importance to service (except compulsory education, all the essence of teaching is a teaching service);

this article will be Claned, OpenEnglish and VIPABC as an example, these features are described in detail and discussed.

Finland AI education company Claned: customized learning program


Claned is located in Holland of Helsinki, located in the personalized learning platform to individual learning and learning goals analysis using analytical science and AI technology, through the study to find the optimal plan of customized learning content, learning and achieve maximum results. However, Claned products are still in the embryonic stage, not on the line.

from the official website of Claned, the product mainly has the following three characteristics: one is to track the learning process and learning methods, this study mainly through the data obtained; two is to provide rich, collaborative learning content, Claned wants to sift through personal learning materials to accomplish this goal, at the same time, users can find learning together Companion to share learning experience; finally, Claned support learning content generation. Users can view the learning materials at any time, by changing the content, and upload content sharing.


and Claned have at present, including the United Nations, University of Cambridge, Imperial College, Microsoft, Lenovo and other universities and enterprises to establish a cooperative, products are divided into to B and to C two operating modes, App is also coming on-line in late spring.

English learning website OpenEnglish: focus on privacy

on the OpenEnglish site, you can participate in the same as the traditional oral training courses, and native English speaking teachers online communication, but the cost will certainly be less. Anonymous online courses will make you more willing to open up and help you build


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