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Use SEO and WeChat to open up the business context of O2O

we often say that WeChat marketing is a trend, we should grasp the channel as soon as possible. This is WeChat software since its launch, its marketing effect has been businessmen played most incisive, success stories about WeChat marketing also occasionally appears on the network, but as a small bulk, how can we get through the use of WeChat business context, developing their own WeChat marketing? Perhaps the following case can give you a

little inspiration!

case: the use of SEO and WeChat to open up the business context of


what is O2O,


if you search Baidu encyclopedia, then get the standard answer is Online To Offline, which is the next line of business opportunities and the Internet together, so that the Internet has become the forefront of offline transactions. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use screening services online, and online transaction settlement……

now, O2O is the most representative of group purchase website, when we enter the site, can be compared between businesses online, look inside the picture, the customer to the merchant’s comments and so on, until we are satisfied, the online payment of the purchase group purchase coupons, then at the appointed time to enjoy the service business there.

is one of the best representatives of group purchase mode of O2O, however, O2O is not only the development of group purchase, if someone says group purchase was all the O2O, then Overgeneralization, after all, form the mode of development of O2O diversity, such as Ctrip online booking website is another kind of O2O mode, this kind of website can not only make the consumer online booking air ticket, hotel and other functions, but also allow consumers to enjoy a good discount at the same time, it is also very easy to use, as well as many people welcome.

as similar Ctrip this mode of small and medium sized online booking platform, and how to find the sky belonging to ourselves? Although they did not like to burn the web site, but can still use SEO and WeChat and other means, allow yourself to gallop in the blue sky in the.

two, using SEO to find the target consumer

as O2O mode network platform, so there are a number of natural hand under the line of business resources, how to take their advantages, from the Internet to the drainage line business there for their showmanship, so that the target customers can consume, then you need to use a variety of network marketing to attract traffic and conversion.

1, open bidding. If we want a quick fix, opened a good way is to search engine for the resources, through the creative writing and price combination, make accurate keywords can be arranged so as to attract the highest network traffic to their website platform.

2, SEO optimization. From the auction of those IP often can let us know the important information, which is the key word


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