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Forbes 2012 most influential people in the world Robin Li ranked 64


technology news Beijing time on December 6th morning news, "Forbes" magazine online edition Wednesday released "the world’s most influential people in 2012 (" World "s Most Powerful People) list, which the United States President Barack · Obama (Barack Obama) high tops. In the field of science and technology, Microsoft founder Bill · (Bill Gates) ranked fourth.

list out of the world’s 71 most powerful people, corresponding to the global population of 7 billion 100 million. The list shows that Angela · Merkel (Angela Merkel) ranked second, Russian President Vladimir · Putin (Vladimir Putin) ranked third. Science and technology, only Gates into the top ten. Facebook founder and CEO Mark · (Mark Zuckerberg) ranked twenty-fifth, he is only 29 years old this year, is one of the youngest characters on the list of people. Baidu founder and CEO Robin Li ranked 64, is the only Chinese mainland technology list.

in addition, China Hongkong Regal Li Jiacheng ranked thirty-first, China Taiwan foundry Foxconn CEO also on the list, ranked in the top fifty-fifth.

below is the list of the top ten characters:

1, US President Barack ·

2, Angela · Merkel

3, Russian President Vladimir ·

4, Microsoft founder Bill ·

5, Pope Benedict of Rome (Pope Benedict XVI)


6, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben · Bernanke (Ben Bernanke)

7, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia · the · Abdel · Aziz · Arabia (Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud


8, European central bank governor Mario · (Mario Draghi)

9, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping

10, British Prime Minister David · Cameron (David Cameron)

below is the list of science and technology related figures and their ranking:

4, Microsoft founder Bill &m>


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