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From the content oriented to product oriented YY NetEase Li Xueling picked up

Li Xueling

      lead: Li Xueling client YY is absolutely accidental.  

Economic Observer Yang Yang / Wen asked if the Li Xueling administration career the key incident made him the most memorable or experience, the president of the network games will tell you that his inspiration from YY (YY)), the investor, Morningside venture partner Liu Qin. Liu Qin once said to Li Xueling, life is made up of a series of multiple-choice questions, each person’s most important decisions, in fact, do not need special trouble, as long as the choice of the right line.

this sentence is reflected in the company’s YY strategy, the first to affect its ultimate success, is from the content oriented product oriented change.

pick up to YY

that was in 2005, Li Xueling decided to let the company from doing content to do product. "This is a big change. When I first started to do more, we are the first to do the Warcraft and stations, then we started to do Warcraft database. We found that the flow of product data is far more than we do news traffic." Li Xueling recalls, slowly we had some changes, from a news, do the content of the company, turned to a company to do the product. Then the whole team is more practical to calm down to seriously do a lot of products, I think this is a change."

and YY was originally Li Xueling from NetEase pick up the bubble team accidentally made the client.

Li Xueling client YY is absolutely accidental.

in 2008, when YY has not wanted to do the client, and finally forced to the part, that is, YY met all the problems can not solve the technology. Then decided to do client.

fortunately, Li Xueling first chose a more professional client team, the team to change the YY research and development culture.

"site of the R & D of culture and do the client company’s R & D culture is not the same. We do have more luck, when we decided to do the client development, NetEase just decided not to make bubbles, the whole team class. The tune. The total adjustment means not willing to "kill you", but you do not know what to do. This gives us a chance. We will find a few people are in the past, the NetEase has nothing to do, to do this new client. They have been working together for five years, and they are rich in culture and experience. In addition, our CTO Zhao Bin, after graduating from Peking University in the United States to do seven years of research and development. These have brought us great changes." Li Xueling said that these are so that the YY has a shift from inside to outside.

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