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Maoming forum upgrade Discuz! X2 to build the largest local trading, dating platform

recently, a reporter from the Maoming Forum (bbs.0668.com) learned that the Maoming forum will be the forum program upgrade to Discuz! X2 this version, designed to enhance the network media advantage, in order to provide a more comfortable and convenient online exchange platform for the majority of users in Maoming.

it is reported that the Maoming forum was founded in 2001, has been adhering to the "customer first" principle of service, to provide local anecdotes, life, people’s livelihood for the people of Maoming. The site has been created for ten years, members of the basic coverage of the entire city of Maoming, currently has a registered membership of 360 thousand, the average daily volume of over ten million, was dubbed the Maoming people warm home".

user experience is a factor that must be concerned about the development of the site, but also to win the user’s important bargaining chip, so we choose the forum in the technical platform is particularly cautious." The person in charge Tan Guanxiong (hereinafter called its name: The Scarecrow) said to reporters, the Maoming forum is a loyal user Discuz!, and Discuz has close relations of cooperation. "Discuz! The load capacity is legendary; in addition, Discuz! The technical team and professional and thoughtful service, let us very trust."


Scarecrow also pointed out that with the advent of 3G era, Internet surfing habits is also quietly changing, more and more users of mobile phone internet. "Now is the mobile Internet era, we should seize this historic opportunity. Discuz! X2 new mobile phone version of the function is very good, optimize and support the mainstream 3G mobile browsing experience and support the rapid management of the phone through the phone, which is one of the important reasons for this site upgrade.

is reported that, after the upgrade of the Maoming forum, user feedback good. "Discuz! X2 made humane improvement in the registration and login process, reducing the barriers to entry of new users; in addition, the optimization of SEO function is also very awesome, make the forum more easily to be included and retrieval, this extension of the Maoming forum has played a key role in" the scarecrow said.

at present, the focus of the Maoming forum is to provide a more convenient communication platform for Internet users in Maoming, as far as possible so that the relationship between people living in Maoming all the things reflected in the forum. Straw said, in the future, we focus on the interaction with the user, do the largest local trading, dating platform."


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