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Discuz! The new demand claim mode of Application Center

recently, Discuz! The official website of the application center "section opened the station released demand, release creative function, this is Discuz! Launched for developers to" demand claim "mode, will create a bridge for developers and webmasters communication, which can meet the demand of stationmaster is faster, and developers can develop a more fit website needs application of more value.

"demand claim" model is that: webmaster in landing in the application center plate issued new requirements of new ideas, their own, other owners can browse these needs and click "I need" or "I don’t need", third party developers can also claim the demand for development. The specific requirements of the operating process is as follows:

the first step: the application of the center in the central section of the new creative theme classification release application needs, the end of the release of the demand default display in the new creative theme classification.



: new creative theme classification

second step: other AdSense for new creative theme classification needs to judge.


figure: other webmaster judgment

The third step: when a

application is more creative webmaster need, the official moderator will be transferred to "demand has confirmed" theme classification. The application requirements that have been identified in the topic category will be synchronized to the developer platform claiming application page, the developer can directly claim the demand in the background.



: developers claim and develop

fourth step: after the developer claimed that the theme of the forum will have a corresponding change, to the owners of the situation and the developer needs to meet the requirements.


: forum theme changes

the fifth step: when developers can be manually completed, click "completed" section, a list of the corresponding demand will show "finished" state, and the application of synchronous display download address in the application center.

note, you should try to use plain language when describing the demand, and will need to clearly describe the function, convenient for developers; and developers can also ask questions of unclear demand through the form of replies.


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