Expose a liar selling links

recently ranked keywords has always declined from the first page dropped to the second page, the heart is really in a hurry, so listen to friends, go to the Admin5 forum issued a takeover of the connection post, a lot of friends contact me, thank you very much for these friends here, see ADMIN5 on the altar of popularity is really busy.

in the sale of connection webmaster friends, most of them are honest but also have webmaster, a few dishonest webmaster, send this piece of paper is intended to do not want to have more webmaster friends fooled, and remind those dishonest webmaster, cheat is not life.

the liar QQ 17916512 net flying fish phone Alipay [email protected]


Tan Yanxia (the name has been found the South China Sea Guangdong radio and Television University business management professional kiln class


the user name in the forum is 17916512

below is my QQ chat record with this person

17916512 14:25:56

receive links

if the water 14:26:06


17916512 14:26:21

www.17916512.cn PR2 included 650

if the water 14:27:36

5, do you?

17916512 14:27:44


if the water 14:28:16

TV series http://s.920575.cn

17916512 14:29:14


if the water 14:29:32

Your Alipay

17916512 14:29:45

Alipay [email protected]

if the water 14:30:41

to add a color, please check

17916512 14:32:12

you send a code over

if the water 14:34:13

TV series

17916512 14:34:46


if the water 14:36:10



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