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Friends online line a week transactions dismal

"group purchase originator" Groupon and "domestic giant" Tencent.com support domestic group purchase recruits Gaopeng, on-line since March 16th, within a week of the status of the transaction can be described as bleak.

launched a week, Gaopeng for a few days in the daily maintenance project group purchase of about 2, and other domestic websites several hundreds of 10 products, far. In March 19th Manicure group, with 4 turnover hit a record low.

"a Manicure package will be 69 yuan, and the price difference of consumers great impression group purchase form," Analysys International analyst Chen Shou send said, high-end positioning of the group purchase products, no not have the interest of users.

earlier, when the first single friends online group purchase products "Shun King spa" volume of about 2000 people, and the number of other domestic group purchase website on the first day of the first single big gap.

makes Gaopeng more passive, the group purchase products are then glutinous rice network responsible person Shen Boyang refers to as "plagiarism". Glutinous rice nets had earlier launched similar package hot ticket + foot ", a package, the package is the sticky web tamper with massage and room vouchers two projects.

scene, the U.S. mission network, love to help network, 24 coupons, tick group, F group and group purchase websites have said "relieved". It is reported that Groupon’s investors, as the group purchase website "originator" Groupon, Tencent, and the "Ma Yunfeng fund" three party.

Before the

friends on the line, the whereabouts of the mysterious.

In March 8th

, a person close to Gaopeng told the newspaper, "there are still Gaopeng internal chaos", including the public relations department, many departments have not yet in place. And Tencent.com related personnel told this newspaper that they just investment, very involved in the operation of high friend net.

and Gaopeng since in the domestic first figure, was resisted by many domestic counterparts. For example, the first publicity "Gaopeng in full as" slogan, has aroused strong dissatisfaction of another group purchase website full network.

CEO for the first time in March 22nd, Gaopeng responded "don’t know Chinese Gaopeng" of the accused, said Gaopeng is a Chinese company, most of the local employees, does not exist "do not understand China" problem.


in the next few days, found on the track line products Gaopeng, hot products group purchase Gaopeng launched home every day, mostly for wine, tea, snacks and hot springs to enjoy the products, and truly meet the mass consumer products, such as ordinary food and other products, but not much. Insiders said that the positioning and Gaopeng "high-end, boutique", but not necessarily meet Chinese consumer spending habits, because is in group purchase itself, with a price advantage to attract users.


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