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Daily topic nternet lottery will restart ndustry reshuffle approaching

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 3rd news, recent news that Chinese lottery in 13th Five-Year planning has been finished, is currently soliciting opinions to the provinces, the Internet lottery or restart.

but some analysts believe that the message did not point out the full text planning from what other departments, planning contents and reporting where there is no clear explanation, the news is true or not is controversial, and even if the news is true, so a brief description shows, still in the draft stage, have much effect on net sales will not let go.

2007 so far, the domestic Internet lottery business has gone through five stops. The first four business suspension, the longest stop in 2012, lasted nearly 9 months. The fifth stop, Internet lottery business has already shut down for 8 months.

stop selling for so long, the Internet lottery practitioners said that some small companies are dead, big companies can not hold up, began layoffs. "For too long, not the interests of all had to compromise, now the official who is also very anxious. The proportion of Internet lottery sales official also make money, stop sales brought sales decline, the official income is also reduced." Analysis of Internet lottery practitioners. He believes that the Internet is a matter of time to restart the lottery.

in recent years after the rapid development of the Internet lottery sales has become the domestic lottery industry can not be ignored. According to data released by the Ministry of finance last year, the national lottery sales reached 382 billion 378 million yuan. Among them, the Internet lottery sales reached 85 billion yuan, an increase of 102.4%, penetration of up to 22.2%. The huge sales of nearly one hundred billion yuan makes the Internet lottery lottery lottery market has become an important force to promote the development of.

once the lottery "13th Five-Year" planning report is approved, the domestic Internet lottery industry is expected to bid farewell to the start stop of the situation, really started operating in a regulated environment under the unified.

market generally believes that with the regulatory storm coming to an end, the Internet lottery restart window is about to open. Many agencies believe the Internet lottery industry is a re shuffle, after a brief consolidation will usher in a greater level of the outbreak of the compliance market, leading enterprises will become the market of the two protagonists, in the air on the Internet lottery stocks, is expected to obtain excess returns.

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