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The P2P platform is excellent and easy network fraud case of the first public hearing

yesterday, excellent and easy network fraud case of a public hearing in Jiangsu, the case is the first domestic financial fraud charges of public hearing net loan platform case.

nearly two years P2P net loan platform is developing rapidly, and the surge in the number of more and more recognized by the society, but at the same time, self financing, fraud, absconded and other frequent incidents of P2P net loan. Net loan platform is the excellent and easy network most, in the year earlier, the victim is a case involving the largest amount of.

excellent and easy network was established in 2012, the Department of Hongkong Yifeng International Group investment and Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yifeng") its P2P platform, Nantong yooee Electronic Technology Co. ltd.. In December 21, 2012, Yifeng suddenly announced that the "stop", excellent and easy network site can not be normal trading, the person in charge of three, namely Wang Yongguang, Cai Yuezhen, Zhong Mou should be the day they lost contact.

yesterday the trial, the prosecution that the suspect should use Wang Yongguang, Miao Zhong yooee network P2P platform total fund-raising 25 million yuan, of which 15 million yuan failed to repay investors, this behavior has constituted the crime of fraud.

suspects confessed to the crime, and confessed that the net loan platform is a professional production company website please, then spent several thousand dollars, the net loan platform borrowing targets are false, and proceeds mainly invest in futures, stock market, because the capital market investment to compensation to the failure of the end net loan platform lenders. But the suspect also said that there is no money to restore the loss of investors.

yesterday, the court did not release results all day. Due to the defendant Wei Zhong, Wang Yongguang will not be willing to repay the funds, investors are more disappointed. How excellent and easy network fraud will be sentenced, is very concerned about the net loan industry. (Yang Lihua)


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