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Best buy CEO said do not worry about the website of business competition

Beijing time on January 8th morning news, this week announced in December last year, sales of best buy up landslide, which sparked criticism of analysts and investors. However, best buy CEO Blaine · Dunn (Brian Dunn) on Friday to make a counterattack.

in a blog post, Dunn admitted that some of the criticism outside of the best buy performance is reasonable. He said that last month canceled some orders best buy consumers in the weeks before Christmas, this is "our mistake", but "does not mean that we will always treat consumers".

In addition,

Dunn also said that some critics pointed out that the best buy failed to adjust the business model to deal with competition from online retailers, such criticism is fair. But he believes that, although Amazon (micro-blog) Internet retailers such as the rapid development in recent years, but the best buy and not destined to fail.

he cites a recent study by the NPD group. This study shows that consumer electronic products in the store to buy these products still account for 80% of the total purchase, and best buy a quarter of store traffic also rose.

Dunn said in a blog: "this misleading statement is particularly troubling to me, because it obviously ignores the evidence. Best buy is a financial performance in a strong, profitable company."

, however, there are some people to refute the argument of Dunn. A person claiming to be the best buy before the sales manager has published the first comment on the blog. He said he is currently using Internet sites, such as Amazon, search for a better price.

said: "I would like to buy a product in your store and try it, but also on the Amazon for a low price of 75% to buy, then I will go to your store returns. Like me, consumers are more and more, because the product can be accessed via the Internet, and this is where the best buy fears of reason."

over the past 12 months, best buy shares fell 30%. As the world’s largest electronics retailer best buy, revenue growth is stagnant. A quarter, best buy opened more than 14 months from the stores and the site’s revenue grew only 0.9%, reversing the 5 consecutive quarter of revenue year-on-year decline.

best buy a quarter sales growth was mainly from the "black Friday" Day promotional activities, so the promotional effect of best buy profit. This further led analysts to question whether to maintain the competitiveness of best buy.

best buy this Friday also reported in December in the United States and abroad the same store sales decreased by 0.4% and 4.3%, but profits remained stable. Best buy did not adjust the fourth quarter profit expectations.

analysts believe that this is a positive news best buy announced. Credit Suisse analysis


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