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Grassroots business the excitement of the tangled, lonely and frustrated

to talk about electricity providers, IPO, Jingdong and Tencent, many people talk about the marriage of Ali and vip.com, we listed the ups and downs. Since the birth of the electricity supplier has been crowned with a tall hat, as if just set foot on the road electricity supplier is not rich that is expensive, but for the grassroots, electricity supplier this road is not so easy.


Through the

and sellers contact to write down what they view: scenery and confidence compared to the electricity supplier chiefs, grassroots use of electronic commerce enriches itself, but in the excitement they feel is tangled, lonely and wronged.


why tangled? Not for lack of supply, not for sale, but more and more tangled on the electronic business platform. Before a Taobao, the goal is clear, intentnesses one to do, make a market for the good reputation is money in Taobao. Later, the pat, Jingdong, one store, vip.com, Dangdang, coupled with speculation and be too numerous to enumerate, platform media hype, the grassroots will not calm.

Internet business platform is you amidst the winds of change, and I. I, Sheng you die, from C2C to B2C to mobile providers, new models and platform emerged, some are some flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, catch up from behind. The grassroots will panic, when Taobao feels like "stall", some of the strength of the grassroots to the cosmetic shop easy fast and Dangdang into Tmall and Jingdong, tall, grassroots and rushing into the electricity supplier in the "mall" and vip.com, shop No. 1 fire, grassroots are eager to engage in social electricity supplier WeChat, grassroots and afraid of missing.

grassroots who want to hold the tide of e-commerce, but the electricity supplier platform in the game and confrontation to make them feel anxious. Is not easy to earn some money and afraid of missing platform and the new mode, they have to try to set up shop in different business platform, money accumulated reputation, establish a brand image, finally some improvement, the new platform and mode appeared again.

had to admit that some people have been very successful, earn a pot full scoop full, but for many of the grassroots, especially ambitious grassroots, they do not want to miss any bigger or have big business platform, they are doing business with, but can only sell things online is a self deprecating. Because they do not have the right to take the initiative in the electricity supplier, has been led by the nose.


business platform of ups and downs, sigh is the deepest pain, is the grassroots business. Business platform is forgotten even bankruptcy. It is not, for a grassroots shop, from the decoration to beautify the brand promotion, looking for artists, looking for customer service, for operation, I do not know how much effort, with the platform and know nothing like depression, hard raised ten years said no children no, this is more lonely.

lonely also come from the grassroots big brother of.


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