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B2C electricity supplier flash purchase play Drainage electricity supplier promotion war

reporter Tang Xunfang Beijing reported

the week of June 5th, a series of sexy stockings one Jin network founder and CEO Zhu Wenjian in Beijing have visited Jingdong, Dangdang, where customers and other companies, he hopes to sell the goods sold in the three platform. The two sides not only talked about this year’s sales scale, also talked about the famous sale way.

platform "as long as we are willing to accept, through the sale of the model play their influence." Zhu Wenjian told reporters, after one Jin also specially in Shanghai brand discount platform product customization several days for poop sale stockings.

previously, there are also a lot of business, similar to vip.com’s sale mode such as Jingdong, the flash group, Dangdang tail collection, where the customer sale meeting, intime network flash purchase, and cut from the line on the top grade discount network.

in the ensuing June electricity supplier promotion war, flash purchase to the various platforms played a role in drainage. The Jingdong was launched in May of the recruits were small, and accumulated a lot of guest in the clothing category operating experience, increase the intensity of the flash purchase.

Dangdang is 2 months ahead of stocking, requiring businesses on the platform in June the overall amount of stock can not be less than $300 million. In Juhuasuan, Tmall, flash purchase is a piece of cake for fun.

around the "flash purchase", the major electricity supplier B2C and a respective resorted killer.

acts as vanguard

flash purchase as a major move to attract traffic in June, Jingdong flash group, updated every day." In an interview with reporters, vice president of Jingdong responsible for group buying business Zhang Shouchuan said.

, according to Jingdong to buy the division of the relevant personnel, the Jingdong will be mainly to flash group discount – Flash group special promotional activities to participate in the June electricity supplier war.

Jingdong has flash purchase and Procter & Gamble, Haier, SKYWORTH, ONLY, Fiyta, natural treasure, Midea, FOTILE, Konka, VEROMODA, seagull, Romon, seven wolves, Kose, Shiseido and other brands to achieve cooperation, to the group to snatch the brand discount rate.

for Jingdong, the flash group has a breakthrough in the form of its platform. With flash purchase, there will be more flexible price matching space. Zhang Shouchuan said that Jingdong’s flash group can appear 70 percent off of the product, and such a discount on the platform and outdated.

and Jingdong "a" different, Dangdang, where customers and other business platform has high hopes for the flash mode.

this year’s clothing platform Dangdang strategy. Whether from outside the station to promote investment, or the allocation of resources within the station, we have to send a large proportion of Dangdang Dangdang tail." Dangdang vice president Deng Yifei said in an interview with reporters, Dangdang open platform clothing is 50 percent off month, the end of the exchange is the product of 70 percent off. >


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