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But vip.com has not reached the expected earnings rose by Wall Street in limbo

The main reason for the collapse of

vip.com stock price is less than expected performance. Wall Street had expected, vip.com third quarter revenue grew by 71% to $74%, is expected to RMB 9 billion 100 million yuan to $9 billion 300 million, which is higher than the final results of about $8%.


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net profit rose 90%, the share price has plummeted more than 50%, which is vip.com (VIPS) recent encounter.

EST on the evening of November 17th, vip.com released the third quarter earnings for 12 consecutive quarters of profitability, the operation of the key indicators of sustained growth, net revenues of 8 billion 670 million yuan, up 63% over the same period last year, net profit rose 90% to 317 million yuan.

good news is not just that, just in the past eleven double electricity supplier war, vip.com officially announced the sale of its dual period is achieved in the last year, 3 times more than in the past eleven.

but the capital market does not buy it. Since eleven, vip.com’s stock price decline has more than 50% in November 16th hit a new low of $12.02.

The main reason is the performance of vip.com

shares plunged below expectations, Wall Street had expected, vip.com third quarter revenue grew 71% to 74%, is expected to 9 billion 100 million yuan to 9 billion 300 million yuan, which is about 8% higher than the final results.

investment banks before the foundation of high expectations on vip.com praise, since this year, Morgan Stanley analysts give vip.com target price gradually increased. February 13th target price of $25.9, raised to $33 in June 3rd. In October 14th, Morgan Stanley also said that it is the most promising vip.com, followed by Alibaba (BABA), Jingdong (JD), again is LUNYUAN electric (BZUN), jumei.com (JMEI).

supports the sort of reason is Morgan Stanley believes that profit margins have improved the most electricity supplier in the performance of the shares will be the best, vip.com shares relative to 2016 expected earnings per share of the dynamic price earnings ratio is 22 times attractive, vip.com’s profit is expected in 2016 will grow by 48%.

officially after the earnings release, investment bank immediately turn. Goldman Sachs predicts vip.com’s growth rate has slowed down its target price from $25 to $18. Deutsche Bank lowered its target price by 33% to $18.30. Credit Suisse said on vip.com for the first time not disappointed forecast guidance, its price target lowered to $18. After the two institutions were in September were given a target price of $27.1 and $25.

Deutsche Bank will also be vip.com 2015-2017 fiscal year revenue is expected to drop 3%, respectively, and 8%, non US GAAP (GAAP) accounting for net profit is expected to be reduced by 4%, 11% and 12%, to counter


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