Micro marketing skills of skin care products

skin care products has been 11 years, has been doing domestic products, after the store sales, offline channels, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, although do hard, would be a success. Today, in line with the principle of sharing experience, not to mention the brand I do, peer friends may also guess.

began to study the micro business from the 13 years, I am this person in this line for so many years, well aware of the new model must always remain highly sensitive, when the Spring Festival last year WeChat red everywhere, I realized that the opportunity has come, WeChat pay finally completed the WeChat business closed ecological, micro business can go to do.

really do derivative is less than a year’s time, at present my personal monthly sales of water 3-5 million, 100-150 million monthly water sales team, the development of relatively stable, although it is not worth the Tmall flagship store in several circles in my friends can only count on the level, but the micro business channel growth is amazing, and I did not think of it. Of course, my focus is on team building, I personally do more sales is to explore, sum up experience, and then to the team training.

I will share my experience to do some micro business, this is the point, I give my team training often mentioned I believe that large homes, hope the micro business for new entrants to help.

first, do micro business must pay attention to a few key points:

1, step by step, down

is the WeChat friends, as long as there is no shielding you, send a message in my circle of friends, they can always see, so no need to worry right now and let them know you are right, it is the first method, share personal life, let potential customers know you, trust, as for products, occasionally mention can, with the intention of customers purchase intention is not naturally, customer retention time, do not want to eat into a fat man. Remember one thing, haste makes waste.

2, share value, Qujingtongyou

this product does not necessarily have to say how good your products are, how much is the price, you should buy, it is a naked advertising, can be replaced with another point of view, such as selling tea, we can share the tea culture, tea, the tea of all kinds of knowledge and so on, and then by the way of their tea. This effect is absolutely than direct advertising, and the customer will be more high-end.

3, online marketing, offline transactions

my team is in city based, they often continue to share online, to showcase their products share the product case, knowledge of culture, not to do the promotion, the potential customers to guide line transactions, sample, feeding trial, veiled effect is the best.

4, word of mouth, improve turnover

if you can not wait to promote the product, it must not boast of their products, but should be with the mouth of customers to promote, such as: drum >


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