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Jingdong said the use of big data to combat cattle and brush accuracy 99%

– reporter He Jun

in the past just 3· 15 party, business brush behavior was exposed again. In fact, in the rapid development of the electricity supplier at the same time, the malicious behavior of consumers online shopping is one of the most typical is as the shadow follows the form, cattle and businesses to grab a single stockpile malicious brush.

today, online shopping has become an important consumption way of people’s life, but because the online commodity see and touch, users can only through the store credit, trading volume, buyers evaluation information to determine whether the store "reliable". These data become an important factor in the user’s trust in the business, and even directly determine whether the consumer in the store.

however, these should reflect the real business situation data, there was a lot of impossible to guard against fraud. For example, through false trade in exchange for false praise to hire, even empty shop also can be through a single brush look and real shops. As a result, not only exacerbated the vicious competition in the field of e-commerce, but also to provide a large number of fake and shoddy goods to provide space for development, so that the interests of ordinary consumers suffered huge losses.

big data technology to cattle, said no

compared to the C2C model of electronic business platform, electronic business platform in the B2C mode on scalping is better, but there are still illegal businesses trying to drill holes, the game between the magic continues.

day before, from the Jingdong information shows that the anti brush single system recognition accuracy rate has reached more than 99%. According to reports, the Jingdong have made such acts of "zero tolerance" principle, in addition to the strict management and rules, is the use of advanced technology, to form a complete and reliable anti scalping technology barrier by big data, best interests of users.

in order to prevent such problems, the Jingdong crafted a "network" system, is now fully covered dozens of Jingdong mall service node, and effectively support the Jingdong group’s Jingdong home and overseas purchase risk control related business, effectively guarantee the interests of users and the Jingdong’s business process.

according to reports, the "core weapon network" as the Jingdong risk control, including the main dimensions of analysis: user portrait, users of social network, transaction risk behavior, the system includes the trading orders wind control system, wind control system, explosive goods panic buying business anti brush single system of business oriented, in its wake there are rules constituted by the recognition engine and users of credit risk information consists of two core components of the risk of credit risk rating system, the user system focused on creating user risk portrait.

as an important part of the Jingdong "in Webgather Jingdong, anti brush single system is analyzed from multi dimensions, order goods, customers, logistics, different features were calculated for each dimension of the following values, can accurately identify malicious brush single related. At present, the system has completed more than 200 dimensions of coverage.



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