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Traditional companies do O2O need to follow the three principles!

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yesterday’s article "O2O, who is in the end of the street you consume?", caused controversy in the O2O industry circle, a friend told me that private industry development is not easy and cherish, not to do showstopper. I have no intention to discredit the industry, but I think the industry has a more rational and not only the same voice, this is a thriving industry performance. For yesterday’s article, I would like to talk about a few points, hoping to do a good job of traditional enterprise O2O.

1 do not violate consumer trends to build the so-called O2O closed-loop. O2O is just a concept, not a new business model. Any kind of new business model innovation is the original process of the industry chain, the structure of a renewal of destruction, so that it can respond to the needs of the consumer side. For example, B2C is a new business model, it is a revolution in the original sales channels, enterprises linked to the Internet through the terminal, destroyed the middle channel links, which is a great business model innovation. For example, C2B is also a new business model, which is based on consumer demand, the original supply chain model for the reconstruction. The O2O, but the Internet and some of the real estate industry, the transaction process was redefined, and did not involve the process of change.

maybe some people will say, I will be the original users online to offline drainage process reengineering is not it? This is against the historical trend, the fundamental reason lies in the success of the B2C mode of Internet makes the consumer scene was reversed, transfer from line to line, and the proportion of online consumption scenarios the overall consumption is with the mobile Internet penetration to accelerate the upgrading of the original online users can be traded rushed to the line down, this is the practice of retroaction. Ali built the ideal kingdom of O2O is such a train of thought, which is not optimistic about the reasons for Ali Ali O2O. And some industries such as automobile, decoration, real estate, catering and other industries, consumers have to go to the next line of consumption, which is decided by the attributes of product, it does not involve the recycling process, we can give them a nice name is O2O, but does not mean that it is a new business model, in fact, it is more as an extension of the B2C or B2C. This is the traditional enterprise is not to go against the consumer trend to build the so-called O2O closed loop, where your users, your marketing should be where. If your user consumption scenarios have begun to migrate to the Internet, the enterprise to do is not to lead the user to the line, but learn how to cut off the internet.

2 do O2O have their own rhythm. The success of the new concept must be based on the needs of the market itself, it is in the market, it must not be designed. Ali O2O of Jingdong, is the ideal kingdom to build out their own behind closed doors. Even if we admit that it is a new business model, it still needs to be built on the basis of the original consumption process of the existing market space. For example, Ali O2O pick one of the industry is the clothing industry, which is the electricity >


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