From the media, must cultivate a few habits

in the air, pigs can fly, some people say that the micro business is the tuyere, it was also said that the media is the tuyere. However, I think the biggest outlet is the mobile internet. So the Tencent launched WeChat, Ali launched Alipay wallet, not to mention what the unfamiliar street beauty group. The next ten years, who seize the mobile Internet market, who will be the world. Back to talk about some of the things from the media operations.

a, what is the media?

for the interpretation of the media, you can refer to the Baidu encyclopedia argument, there is a general concept. But don’t use it as a standard answer. Freedom of thought is very important. Before proposing the concept from the media, since the media have? Before Shakya Muni, there is no a yogi? Friends read my article, also want to maintain independent thinking, don’t put my article when the fixed formula, standard tutorial. I only offer an experience, tells the story of his journey. There are a lot of people think that, since the media is just writing. No! No!

text is the simplest and most common form of expression. In addition, there are pictures, audio, video, etc.. If a person singing very well, you can choose to sing it, YY some platform to show their style, it is easy to attract a large number of fans. Those on the network anchors, at least tens of thousands of monthly income. This is a fan economy era. The Internet world is very magical, you have their own unique skills, display, is from the media. Fame is not the star of the patent, anyone can, as long as you are willing to pay, and good luck enough.

two, since the media business philosophy

from media operations, the core is the continuous output value, has its own core competitiveness. As for the promotion is only the level of technology, the future will be a detailed analysis of the article.

what is the value of


take me as an example, good at writing articles. So I provide the value of high quality articles, share experiences and lessons, so that others detours. If someone is willing to communicate with me, I will plan for his development model, analysis of the status quo.

what is the core competitiveness of


for example, each mobile phone brands want to become apple, but has not been able to achieve, because Apple’s unique system, while other mobile phones are mostly used in Android systems.

do a lot of media, how to stand out?

your point of view is unique. Your article, written by others did not dare not write to write. Your development model is brand new. Since media operations, the key is to select the target group. My target group is the Internet entrepreneurs. Next, the article published in the target group gathered network platform. Over time, the popularity of the accumulation.

three, from the media, the existence of errors

(1) from the media to do


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