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Two cases of Haier official micro official how to help R & D

: This is November 18th, Nene to create crazy secret content sharing summit case Haier group to explore new media director Shen Fangjun in a content officer sponsored ". Including the party secretary, Professor Yu Mingyang of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Professor Aetna School of management, vice president, City University Hong Kong business school EMBA project director Professor Dou Wenyu, Professor, vice president, Professor Duan Chunlin of South China University of Technology School of Journalism and communication, as well as think3 brand marketing communication group chairman and CEO Yang Shitou and other guests of Hunan satellite TV entertainment Zhao Hui, vice president of media content products the official founder Sha Jianjun, share information, please refer to the background to a product content officer.

sometimes says to others that Haier is working on new media. We feel very curious, but also for the refrigerator to do new media do you sell the refrigerator is not it? In fact, our understanding of the new media has never been an account, to send their own products, to send the leaders of the dynamic. Haier never send their own soft. Why? Because people don’t care.

"for me in

in January this year, the Imperial Palace Taobao fans to give advice. He said that you can create a refrigerator called limbo, so I eat leftovers can be said to "give me cold." In fact, this is just a suggestion.

the Imperial Palace Taobao forward said, this is what some people ah. The results did not expect this micro-blog on the fire. Many users think this idea is quite good, because two years ago, the palace fighting drama special fire, young people are talking in the mystifying. One fan, @ Haier, Haier says you can create a

like cold refrigerator?


so Haier official micro-blog forwarded his micro-blog in the first time, we say, let me consider. Many users feel incredible, the impression of a cold official V, it actually reply me, really consider it! In fact, we often interact with fans so. These enthusiastic fans @ beautiful, GREE, SIEMENS, etc.. They did not reply to him, because it is difficult to reply in large enterprises, mainly for the following reasons.

first, the company’s new media is subordinate to the corporate public relations, brand, or marketing. It is difficult to have a real enterprise new media is to make their own decisions.

second, in the industrial manufacturing enterprises, the development of a new product needs to take a very standardized process. To the project, and then evaluate the product, put forward some function points, to see if there is no competing products, and finally pricing strategy, forecast would be able to sell the number of units, more than one hundred thousand units to mold production.

to meet user needs

if you need to find new products R & D third party data company to do user research, who told you to fill out a questionnaire? Users never should be out of the investigation, the product complaints will be sent to WeChat above, will be sent to micro-blog.


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