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A case study of a successful cross industry cooperation activity O2O

has heard of the term O2O in the Internet for a long time, although I am also a contact with the Internet; but for so long time, I have been. Because I find a lot of time just to give a research on the concept of theory of all topics, and that in real case very little, let me feel is very pompous things, such as the electronic commerce in China that will just rise you attitude towards it, so many people think that more than and 10 years ago this kind of man is mad ma. Now I am a totally different idea, I began to accept this new concept, and this change is the one for me is a successful cross industry cooperation of O2O, perhaps this is the so-called experienced more cognitive will.

in fact, I am just a grass, made a tourist site, of course, a lot of people think that the grassroots do this kind of website is day dreaming. Yes, I think so, I do not want to because this site is a fortune, so it has been put there is not much, just your hobby, because I love to travel together with their own understanding of some of the Internet of things. One of the participants and this let me change O2O views in the case of the small small site is also one of the.

in this cooperation, a total of three characters, in addition to my site is a large travel agency and a local personality production company. The former is a national large-scale travel agency a branch in our local provinces, the latter is my greatest personality products manufacturing company, and my website without any title; I can say that this cooperation is a bargain for

!In fact, I initiated this activity is

, so this one compared to them without any qualification of the website can also participate in the cooperation with them; as long as I think of something that they both believed to benefit, so that they recognized me and is willing to cooperate with them and do not take a the status of the people. In fact, I caught a few key points in this plan:

first, for travel agencies. As we all know, when we go to travel often give a little something to us, often appear is the hat, umbrella and so on. And now a lot of people often travel on such things already tired, because such a gift, do not know how to send many years; and I can provide a let them spend less costs and allow our customers to experience a better gift now, so Why not?? > second, for personalized product customization company. In fact, they are just some things such as personality, personality, personality cups, travel book cards, photographs and so on, it is the product of their attributes, there are countless tourist groups to their potential customers. Although this model has existed in China for several years, but such things are only a few people know, so they want to seek a breakthrough must let more people know. So they have to spend more energy trying to get people who don’t understand it, and I want them to follow


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