Shopping site management elements

Jupiter Communications in a survey on e-commerce sites, there have been some notable data:

children’s website is not optimistic. Although there are a lot of Internet for young people and children’s Web site, but in the survey of more than and 600 sites, only less than 10% can really according to the classification of the site to buy products;

customers have doubts in the final settlement. 1/4 of the shoppers had cancelled orders before the settlement……

this is just a part of a survey of e-commerce sites in the United States, indicating that there are still many problems to be solved online shopping. However, this does not hinder the rapid development of online shopping. Recently, in the media making e-commerce more than a year, finally have some solid in the movement, some online stores launched, the limelight is the hottest online auction website.

through a horizontal study of foreign e-commerce website, summed up the online shopping site management will relate to some factors, such as information structure, pricing strategy, online payment, delivery and other issues, for reference of domestic website operators.

an online shopping website information organization elements

online shopping has its own 24× 7 mode and instant interactive mode has attracted a lot of attention of shoppers. This kind of shopping site can let customers participate in the purchase, more convenient, more detailed, more secure. To achieve this level of Web site in order to make the products in an orderly, scientific classification, to facilitate buyers inquiries. Make the web page more instructive and more attractive to attract a large number of buyers.

1, website design elements (Web Design)

website design style, first of all to see some website template, and understand several web design views, more important is to ask your target customers, they feel on the shopping site, what love what kind of style. And consider what kind of design can be more effective to attract customers. Through the above reference, the site will still be done by your own, you need to decide between degree of interaction with customers, shopping cart (Shopping Cart) and submit settlement (Checkout) mode, thereby constructing a unique online shopping website.

2, classification system (Catalog)

a good shopping site in addition to the need to sell good products, but also to improve the classification system to display products. All products need to be sold through the corresponding text and pictures to illustrate. Categories can be used to manage the product in the form of a combination of the root directory and subdirectories, which can be read by clicking on the name of the product.

3, shopping bar


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