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ts pursuit of the perfect O2O closed-loop mode, it is better to make the cake bigger!

If the

in 2004, Taobao to pursue open a shop to pay the fee, pay the cost of placing a picture, you’ll have to pay how much commission would sell a product, there will be a big business platform


many of the year in Taobao appeared immediately after the eBay from eBay to Taobao shop sellers, are attracted by Taobao a variety of free measures to arrive above Taobao shop, want to know when the eBay eBay shop even to pay the costs a lot, but in Taobao before and after a period of time, sales is this new e-commerce platform is much better……

since a few years ago, O2O marketing model, in a period of time, many related concepts have appeared, including "O2O loop mode" makes many people talk in the discussion on the O2O, it seems that as long as the e-commerce platform you did not realize this "perfect closed loop mode", then you are not engaged in O2O business.

1, what is O2O?

O2O, the full name Online To Offline, also known as the online combination of e-commerce, different from the traditional B2C, B2B, C2C and other e-commerce model. In fact, in this concept, and did not say that we must achieve O2O closed-loop mode, that is, the so-called O2O closed-loop model, in fact, just a derivative concept of O2O marketing model.

2, what is the O2O closed loop


O2O closed loop refers to the two O to achieve docking and circulation between. Online marketing, publicity and promotion, to guide the line to the consumer experience, the realization of the transaction. But this is just a O2O model of the transaction, has not yet closed loop, to achieve the closed-loop, it is necessary to return to the line from the line up. Under the line of consumer experience feedback, online users cited online communication, online experience and other acts this is the realization of the closed loop, that is, from online to offline, and then back to the line.

3, O2O closed loop purpose

in the O2O transaction process, the consumer’s trading behavior is divided into two parts: online behavior and offline behavior. If consumers browse relevant information because of the O2O website, bypassing the website platform directly and businesses dealing with it, then it represents the site of losing control of the business, not only the loss of customers, not let the platform gains, but also lost to business negotiation right, so O2O website platform only as a platform to display information. Therefore, many O2O sites want to put the O2O closed-loop links will be perfect, only willing to let their on-line trading platform.

4, the platform is too much or reality?


is a very love group purchase guy, because of the cheap electronic commerce mode of group purchase, so I will continue to go to Guangzhou organic large size.


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