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Red tiger Taobao promotion to learn to play their own advantages

as the saying goes: "everyone has his own advantages, everyone is the one and only in the world, has its own specialty and characteristics. "The man with long, the world is available, use a short, the world is useless." We do the same as Taobao, but also to learn to combine their own characteristics and strengths to promote commodity marketing and network marketing. In the network, has many customers to promote the Taobao method after we have mining, not one to dwell, such as optimization of SEO bring traffic, the use of advertising advertising brings customers what like QQ group propaganda, mail promotion, soft Wen promotion, Forum promotion, Taobao community, and Taobao Jianghu Gang, and friendship link and Wangwang group, blog promotion, ebook promotion, promotional video, offline propaganda and so on, just concentrate on doing one thing, may "champion". But every kind of method is suitable for yourself? This is certainly not, each person’s own conditions are not the same, of course, must have the choice of promotion methods, do things will be easy and efficient, to do something difficult and not laborious depends entirely on the individual skills and ideas, such as SEO Kung Fu master. And only need to do the site of SEO, traffic came naturally, so he spent in Amoy promotion time can not so easily, while Taobao guest novice, to promote natural than others to spend some effort.

since I joined Taobao in the ranks of the guest, learning a lot of methods, a variety of Taobao promotion for the guest is basically tried, quite a few detours, "many more mistakes, less wrong, do not know what was wrong?" until now seemed to find a Taobao customer promotion. In order to let more Taobao friend detours, I talk about my experience: "the mountains are not high, in Xian Zeling, technology is not much, a fine line", this is like the Shaolin martial arts, great and profound, it seems like eighteen Wu Yi but the maximum depth of each one has his good points, martial arts is also the most simple that is, "Siping bu", as long as the foundation of good practice, what Kung Fu is not too difficult to follow. Because all the complex from simple style type of evolved. I am learning and summarize all many Taobao customer experience, feel that since Taobao is doing guest, first we must have a clear idea of Taobao customer money on the flow but on the deal, it must be understood that the transaction of commodities are produced, know the analysis of commodity supply and demand sides of the ideas and requirements.

way out of the decision, only learned of online shopping of people’s preferences and psychological, to determine their own methods to find some rules from the transaction data in the transaction, targeting shopping crowd range, area, age range, subdivision range, so as to find the Taobao customers to promote effective strategies. In fact, this Wangzhuan for the same reason, many times by an idea to make money. Only more analysis, more investigation, more thinking, in order to understand what the needs of online shopping crowd, what is the heart, what is the concern. For example, such as the forum to promote, we can on a number of "target customers" forum, using their expertise and professional to help others, to solve some of the


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