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What are the occupational diseases of the product manager

tell you about a friend and P with others to eat the story.


P is also a product manager, rich and handsome, but single for a long time, I can not see the past, about the sister to eat together, would like to recommend to him.

I told him, he asked me: do you know what the meaning of the meal is


I said it had something to do with it.

he is not happy: if there is no purpose to meet, then chat no value. It’s better to be clear.

I say ok.



we drove to the mall to find the parking lot on the Baidu map, and finally found the entrance.

Baidu maps on how to do the function of parking guidelines, we stopped at the entrance to discuss the two minutes. Behind the car honking we want to open up to.

went in and found that the parking lot was a bit strange.

P said: block naming is to allow customers to find the car, so that the steps to find the car is divided into blocks, and then find a parking space. But now the name of the block feeling too casual, discontinuous ah.

I said, well, you see, the entire parking lot is rectangular, and there are a lot of ways to name it. Then I took out a pen and paper and drew a sketch for P.


I went on to say that such a partition, ABCD is connected to a piece, but D and E separated. Looking along the B, may think that E in the C and D behind, but found the D, found to have to go around.

P says it makes sense. And draw a new one.


he said, it should be like this, simple and crude, according to the order of a row row. Each row of parking spaces, according to the number of rows.

and then we settled down, looking for an elevator.


there are three elevators in the elevator, we are on the ground floor. We pressed the nearest "on" button, and the furthest door opened.

we discuss in the elevator, if the elevator is in the same layer, which should open the door, is not to be considered, or random.

P said, at least there are buttons on each door, to open the door of the closest to the button.

I added, and then it is best to take into account the elevator running life, first opened a relatively young age elevator.

elevator to the 5 floor, we went into the hot pot shop.



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