How to optimize the promotion of your game

brothers, pinch refers to a count do stand for 8 years, this period of time no matter in leisure, get a small game station, the initial results, now share with you.

actually do stand to have development, in addition to several major portals and the local nature of the portal and forum, the other is required if you want to make money, entertainment station. While others were listening to FLASH songs, a more advanced and more convenient game was born, the game station must be profitable, the earth people know, small game station is also followed by dipping. Now the web game heady, said the average person in the consumption of the registration is 30 yuan, you see 4399 now and others to promote cooperation in web games, it can be said that the money is big.

to know that 4399 of the daily visits of 4 million. There are 7k7k and other stations outside the column, are cattle X. 07 years when the movie station is more popular, is also a coincidence, the domain name is not registered, so I put it down to do the film registration station, fortunately, later the national crackdown movie station not a few days later and he is busy, this is a straight, 4k4k meters idle, then I know there is a com that m, is a small game, since there are a lot of people through the search "4k4k game" came from the statistical background found now, ha ha. This is a blind cat hit a dead mouse. Good nonsense not say, here with us to discuss how to promote your game station, do stand friends all know, the first method is to optimize the search engine, this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar.

basic steps are as follows: 1. But not too hard to optimize, slowly, if you start with the very hot way then, Baidu spider simply ignore you, slowly add keywords, but to have a degree, density control in 2-6 percentage points, the title to include the main keywords, but not blindly stack, it must be K or optimization.

second method is to continue to do some friendship connection, although the connection does not bring much traffic, but the chain the more you can optimize the ranking, find some key PR value high, you find people, people would then rely on you so suddenly, pay attention to the words related to the connection. Third is to continue to promote your site outside, but also need to be careful not to BAIDU Post Bar to go inside, that would be counterproductive, the general method of optimization search on these and other heresy use well OK, otherwise will die. Small game station can not completely rely on Baidu, or Baidu all the search to 43994399 and no such a large amount of traffic. This depends on the following second.

if your game is fast enough to open, and more fun, especially the double game you can try to go to some of the WEB2. 0 website to promote, if successful, the increase in the amount of access can be


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