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QQ theme group discussion website promotion skills

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railway station, built after the full page can promote
: 3
a, QQ released its own station on QQ first in his signature on the QQ wrote on the website address. I believe every friend QQ must have more than 80 friends, 10 QQ group, can be the first time your friends to introduce you to the station, especially for the better, can ask him in the QQ signature or information written on your website; please he (she) can also help us to his friends, group introduce the website, especially in the group as long as written in the announcement, very useful IP estimated 50~100 day is fixed.

b, forum, forum is a good new promotion, release your station some data in the corresponding section, many large software station staff to each big BBS promotion is of course not naked writing: welcome to a certain website. For example, you have SEO, you can in the forum free forum (generally free edition) written: Title: xxSEO   content: just write a little more, finally write: SEO = = = "chain to the corresponding page you stand     IP 10~30 & nbsp is estimated to have a day  ; if released every day two or three large forum,
C, Baidu know: a good friends please pretend to ask questions, the problem must be their own websites some things, then you immediately to answer: www. so.Com has this thing, I feel very good, you can go to see now, many people are curious, or how a movie" curiosity killed the cat "! IP estimated 50 days.

said second, the temptation is equivalent to the sweetness of

bought a 10QB QB card… Prominently in website. Write the activity: 8888th 18888 38888 188888 visitors per person free of charge and then to their 2QB..
brought a small fortune)

third, circle and the first hair almost

a, built on the site of the QQ exchange group, if the station of the plate, can be built according to the category, and then say a few words every day


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