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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ first impressions: Bigger is better

first_imgEven though we haven’t reviewed the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ yet, we are already in love with it. This may seem a little corny at the onset, but look at it this way, the original Galaxy S6 Edge was a one-of-its-kind phone. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is all that, and it’s bigger.Surely, the ‘bigger is better’ part is debatable and subject to user discretion, but the fact is, bigger makes more sense in case of Samsung’s Edge range of flagships.Also Read: Samsung launches Galaxy S6 Edge+ in India for Rs.57,900 The Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge were launched at the same time. Now the trouble with the Galaxy S6 Edge was that it wasn’t offering something remarkably different — heck it was all the same deal from the Galaxy S6, save the fancy twin-curve display. Not to say the perks attached with such a display were any less pleasing, and then there’s the aesthetic value as well. All this and more did attract a fair bit of hype and fan following – Samsung had indeed risen from the ashes.However, strip it off the ‘fancy’ flavour and you’ll notice it’s still Galaxy S6 underneath.Now what the Galaxy S6 Edge+ does is offer a breath of fresh air. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is what the original Galaxy S6 Edge should have been. Here are our first impressions… The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is an exact replica of the original Galaxy S6 Edge. If you loved the original, this one should make you fall in love with Samsung all over again, and then some more. The familiar unibody metal and glass design with the metal frame tapering along the edges returns, only this time it comes with 0.6-inches more real estate for you to have both your hands full.advertisementThat said, it never occurred to us that this was a ‘huge’ phablet, heck 5.7-inches is supposed to be humongous. It’s remarkable that Samsung has managed to make a 5.7-inch phone that is a hair thinner than its 5.1-inch Galaxy S6 Edge. Yes, it’s heavier than the original, but 153 grams is still very manageable on the Galaxy S6 Edge+.That said, if ‘larger’ phablets are not your thing, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is certainly not the one for you. If however, phablets are your thing and you have small hands — the Galaxy S6 Edge+ gives you a neat one-handed mode that shrinks the UI by simply tapping the home button three times.Moving on, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ also has the same display resolution as the Galaxy S6 Edge: a Super AMOLED display with a Quad HD resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels). Although, a bigger screen means slightly lower pixel density, 518 ppi to be precise, in the broader scheme of things most users won’t notice the difference. Samsung’s Super AMOLED display still holds the clear ‘edge’ in market, and the 5.7-inch screen of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ does full justice to it (at least in indoor well-lit environment where we had this hands-on). The display was bright, colours were well saturated and the phone had crisp viewing angles.Also Read: Note 5, S6 Edge+: Top features of Samsung’s bigger and sexier phabletsThe Galaxy S6 Edge+ packs in the same processor as the Galaxy S6 Edge: an octa-core Exynos 7420 processor with Mali-T760MP8 GPU. This one however comes with bumped up 4GB of RAM.When we reviewed the Galaxy S6 Edge, we found its performance very unlike of what we expect from Samsung phones: it was awesome, period! The Galaxy S6 Edge+ packing in the same chipset means performance on similar lines, with the bumped up 4GB RAM giving an extra edge while multitasking. During our brief time with the phone, we found it very nippy and responsive. Samsung’s toned down TouchWiz UI has a lot to do with it. This one comes with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop out-of-the-box with a newly tweaked TouchWiz that stays clear of unnecessary bloat, something that started with the Galaxy S6.On the downside, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ will only be available in the 32GB internal memory variant, with the company deciding to stall the launch of the 64GB variant in India at least for now. The 64GB variant will come later depending on market requirement and response to the 32GB version. There is still no microSD card slot, so you’re pretty much stuck with the 32GB inbuilt memory for now.Coming to the USP of the Galaxy S6 Edge+, the twin-curve display, this one adds a good amount of features (in addition to the original stack) making that increased real estate on the sides even more useful. Features like night clock, information stream, edge lighting, and People Edge are still there. Add to it new features like the ‘Apps Edge’ shortcut that lets you quick-launch apps and the ability to access the ‘edge’ screen no matter where you are within the phone — fancy just got fancier.advertisement The Galaxy S6 Edge+ sports the same cameras as that on the Galaxy S6 Edge: 16MP camera with optical image stabilisation, autofocus and LED flash on the rear and a 5MP front-facing camera. Now, the Galaxy S6 Edge had the best cameras on the Android block, with performance being at par with the iPhone 6. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is expected to perform on similar grounds, if not better.We clicked some photos at the launch event, and let’s just say the Galaxy S6 Edge+’s rear camera does not disappoint in tacky light situations.By the way, you can still double tap the home button to quick launch the camera. For those looking for something new, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ lets you live stream your videos on YouTube right from the native camera app. The phone supports streaming up to FullHD [email protected] 60 fps.Also Read: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review: Android at its bestThe usual list of connectivity options like WiFi a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS + GLONASS, 4G LTE (cat 9) and NFC are still there. So are the touch type-based fingerprint sensor on the home button in the front and the heart rate monitor on the back.The Galaxy S6 Edge+ uses a slightly bigger 3,000mAh battery in comparison to the Galaxy S6 Edge and supports fast charging as well as wireless charging. The in-house charger can fully charge the phone in just 90 minutes, says the company. Meanwhile, using the company’s proprietary wireless charger (sold separately) charges the phone fully in 120 minutes, claims Samsung.The Galaxy S6 Edge+, although an incremental update to the Galaxy S6 Edge still makes more sense than the original, chiefly because of its increased real estate. If the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge were meant to directly take on the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ seems to have a bigger role: to kill the iPhone 6 Plus. As mentioned earlier, we already love the Galaxy S6 Edge+, but there are a few concerns to note here. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ still lacks waterproofing (dust resistance), microSD card slot and is still very fragile as ever. Moreover, India gets just the 32GB variant for now, so that’s that.Then of course is the pricing. The 32GB variant will cost you Rs.57,900 which could be a deal breaker for some. For those who already own a Galaxy S6 Edge, that ‘+’ moniker may not necessarily mean much in the longer run: we suggest you hold on to that. For others, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is indeed what the original Galaxy S6 Edge should have been. Watch this space for our detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.advertisementlast_img


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