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Medical equipment FeverPhone for $2 million 300 thousand investment can be used for fast detection o

The length of time

detection of blood borne diseases are directly related to the lives of patients, but the hospital inspection usually takes a few hours or even a few days. In order to solve this problem, Cornell University, the National Institutes of health is committed to the development of a device called the FeverPhone, will be used for blood borne disease detection time compressed to less than 15 minutes.


imagine, as if your phone is equipped with a glucose detector, but this glucose detector is used to detect dengue." David, an engineering professor at Cornell University, said in a press release in Erickson.

FeverPhone applications need to be used with a device called Tidbit, which is a box size automatic device, you can detect blood samples, and the data sent to the phone for analysis. The advantage of FeverPhone is that it is easy to use, fast detection, almost no need for professional knowledge.

Erickson, another professor of global health at the Cornell University, Saurabh Mehta, developed the device. The emergence of FeverPhone has attracted the attention of the National Institutes of health’s biomedical imaging and bioengineering department, which has decided to provide two professors with $2 million 300 thousand to fund their research for 4 years. Yesterday, senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand jointly announced that the funds will be officially in place.

FeverPhone researchers will work with the ESPOL Institute of science and technology in Ecuador, and in the country’s most densely populated city of Guayaquil experiment.

"malaria, dengue, chikungunya, Zika virus and other virus or non viral diseases are tropical neglect because they give medical treatment, countries with limited resources have caused a great burden," ESPOL Washington of the University of B. Cá rdenas. These countries are often lack of monitoring technology, basic biomedical research, diagnosis and treatment techniques are inadequate."

in this case, a similar FeverPhone device will play a great role. As Cá rdenas said, countries like Ecuador most understand by the tropical diseases attacked from these diseases brought to the local people’s disaster is ineffable.


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