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Where the customer is positioning fast fashion cock Siyide world difficult

this month, when the guest "I want to be in full bloom of life" series of ads appear in the north of Guangzhou Street, the subway, it quickly attracted attention as before. In the Beijing subway, crowded and can prevent some teenagers to appreciate the vision to watch the ads, the personality full of good voice students and I want to copy the full bloom of life seems to express their feelings. In addition to the 10 good voice students, the advertising is also unknown to the grassroots of the unknown two – they are the story of the people.


however, when you savor these ads, besides it brings you a shock energy, you may also feel a sense of deep roots, no, is a grass root breath. In fact, since the birth of the day, where the customer is unable to extricate themselves from grass root together.

it sounds very beautiful


from the birth, where the position is fast fashion brand, of course, it met the rival is ZARA, UNIQLO, H& M of the traditional fast fashion brand. In the face of these traditional fast fashion predators, where customers have no advantage in brand, quality, product design is also no advantage, so only use domestic brands of foreign brands face the usual killer, to seize the market price. So 29 T-shirts, 59 canvas shoes as the representative of the product to the market quickly, like most of the low-cost strategy, this strategy we have made some progress in the early stage, also make many people first-tier cities have a preliminary understanding of the customer.

but carefully think about cheap T-shirts and sneakers are really representative products of fast fashion? It is hard to imagine, if UNIQLO and H& M; and a whoop and a holler into what will be selling cheap t-shirt. Because in the low-cost strategy, so many people are stuck in the impression of where the 29 pieces of T-shirts, 59 canvas shoes.

where the products of course can not stay in the cheap level, otherwise it and the night market stall and what is the difference?

but when its product category is rich, the price rises, it’s embarrassing place but also revealed no doubt. The price is too low, unable to establish a fast fashion brand, the price is too high, too high if UNIQLO, apparently it does not have any advantage.

I remember where the customer has been positive PK and UNIQLO on its website, it gives the graphic effect, similar to a flannel shirt and thin jacket, where nearly half cheaper than uniqlo. At that time I was very confused, why should we compare with it? Although the price advantage is obvious, but similar products in terms of quality and appearance, where the customer is really a competitor? For frequent UNIQLO, there is a certain awareness of UNIQLO people, such contrast promotion will not allow them to move to the sales promotion but some of the attraction of UNIQLO brand awareness and not very sensitive to the price of the grass root population.

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