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Analysis on the development trend of network marketing in 2011

in 2010 has passed, the new year has begun, the Internet Chinese face in 2011, facing the new year we will continue to promote the research and exploration of Internet marketing, as a member of the master as, Knowledge has no limit. network marketing practitioners and researchers in, I dare not have the slightest neglect, the slightest slack. "The school is like riding a boat behind." Just keep an enterprising heart, a modest upward learning attitude, to find a piece of a place to live in the increasingly intense competition of the Internet, to achieve the goal, the realization of self value. So in the first month of 2011, I carried out over the past year the development of network marketing, and combining with some new phenomena of the current, the direction and trend of the development of the characteristics of network marketing in the new year may make some inquiry, as this, to share with you.

Brilliant China Internet marketing

in 2010, the emergence of numerous successful cases, of course, these are the final success from the effect, but we can not ignore some problems appear in the process of marketing, such as cause considerable information garbage, leading to even more events, leading to false information the actual situation and etc., these are the future of the network marketing need to face and solve problems. Standing on the shoulders of the 2010 to look forward to the future, we can according to the development of the past year and the new phenomenon of some in 2011 may continue to maintain and appear in the development trend, development characteristics.

one, marketing platform technology will be innovative and enhance the application and promotion.

with the network marketing scale development gradually, engaged in network marketing promotion company is also increasing, experience and strength have been improved in actual combat, and as more companies in the "net", for the product promotion demand also makes the market will further expand the market demand, to further enhance the. In this context, the promotion of the company’s competition will be in the new year gradually intensified, accompanied by a variety of new technologies and means of competition, marketing system and software platform that will further innovation and application. Promote the company will be in the next stage of the competition to develop and innovate to provide marketing customer marketing platform, I believe the future of mature marketing platform will be able to do real-time online check data, data tracking and analysis of effect, which will be the technical direction of network marketing in the new year promotion company committed to development. This standardized and mature for marketing will also be important to promote.

two, eyeball hype will continue and further enlarge the effect.

2010, network marketing has proved once again that the event marketing, hot marketing power, the driving force behind the creation of popular events, the formation of the "eyeball effect", the rapid agglomeration and various attention vision in the hot events, to achieve rapid promotion purpose has become a common choice for more and more promotion company. In the new year, this promotion method will still be the favorite of all marketing companies


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