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Small and medium enterprises how to do network marketing system (four) target user analysis

in front of three articles have been described in detail we do network marketing for the two main aspects, one is the communication channel, and the other is the propaganda content. So what do we choose to target users are very focused on the channel platform, and according to what to develop the user’s favorite content?

the key is whether you have a deep understanding of your target audience and their needs. So before the network marketing to your target user groups and their needs to do a profound analysis is very necessary, and this is the lack of network marketing for the majority of SMEs do.

so we analyze our target user from the following aspects:

a basic information about our audience:

gender: our target user is dominated by men or women.

age: what age is our target user.

Education: our target users are probably what degree, because the level of education directly determines their purchase behavior.

Occupation: what are these people doing?.

hobbies: each group has roughly the same hobby, which is a deep understanding of the goal of our users breakthrough.

urban distribution: our target customers are mainly concentrated in what areas or cities.

income level: how much is the approximate income range of these people?.

consumption habits: whether the habit of online shopping, like to buy discounted goods or brand goods, etc..

buy reasons: why do these people buy our products, for their own or friends, etc..

behavioral characteristics: such as the Internet like to read articles, forums, or watch the video.

collect the basic information will have a very clear idea of our target user group, so this step is to be done, not to judge the user behavior characteristics according to their own experience, because it is a step in the wrong, directly affect this program you go to.

there is one of the most important questions, what is the use of tools to investigate these user base information so far I have not found a direct investigation of user behavior tools. The most commonly used research tool is the Baidu index, Baidu index can reflect a keyword is searched. And now most people’s behavior is completed through the search, it is precisely through the completion of the Baidu search, so Baidu index can fully reflect the basic situation of the user.

two consumer re breakdown

the reason why we want to have a clear understanding of consumers, the primary purpose is to give them a detailed classification, that is, consumer segmentation. In fact, even if we do sth


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