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Offbeat Views crooked ways do your traffic (five)

Hello, I am a, first to apologize, one of the reasons for such a long time not to write things, two is the last time that the write to the bottom of the things, I changed my mind.

In fact, the so-called

to the bottom of things, once and for all the way, I want to do is SEO, in addition to the money to buy traffic advertising, no more effort than SEO, wanted to give me SEO method to share with you a few days later, it has been busy, calm down when I think. The method is not much wiser than others online, this article too much, write out of fear of being a joke, oneself into the Internet less than half a year, dare to write SEO advanced things, so I dare not forget. But here is some, I do SEO (I not, pretend to when he was SEO), roughly the same method with others, and others in different places, I stand all dropped by Baidu K, the main flow from GOOGLE, and then I use several PR=5, a number of PR=4 website to do the chain, lifting weight. So ranking and higher than the same period of the same site.

some people may see here are called, some write said in the past, today how to write something for everyone to see this rubbish? Don’t worry, I am familiar with the people will not let you know, wriggler is white, since want to write, just write some point let us harvest what. The flow has been written about crooked ways, then write down also not what content, then transfer it today even if crooked ways do Wangzhuan, do first article: (a)

do Wangzhuan crooked ways

the first article, we must come up with something convincing, in order to allow everyone to recognize, in order to let everyone have the patience to wait and see, well, then we will come up with a little bit of real things, everyone on the eye.

first for everyone to see an article /wenxue/kongjian/200802/wenxue_10775.html: This article is a soft www.242s.com in my website, I wrote it myself (in fact is to modify the others, he becomes the original with me), read this article about men will have two ideas, one is a gentleman. When the "boyfriend" shameless beast. The two is to immediately use their brains, but also want to get a bottle of the effect of magic, "K wave perfume". Estimated to belong to the second can account for more than 80%.

The first gentleman not to abandon the

analysis, we analyze second, he wanted to buy this perfume, some immediate action, some just have this kind of idea, only the idea of giving up, no matter, immediately, there are about two kinds, one is to search "K wave fragrance", here to say look, Baidu did not K when I stand in my search results, this article in the first or second, other related results are basically is my hair, GOOGLE in the first few are my. The other is according to the article


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