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Content marketing 99% of the time is in love with the user

love is simple, love is difficult, difficult to love enduring as the universe and user field.

1, figure out what kind of person you like (user positioning)

in love before, you need to know where you go for what kind of person, or a bird strong woman fan, quiet girl or adorable personality girl, always can’t see all good-looking? Do not know what you want, you is the mid hoodlum Festival life.

clear positioning of users, provide valuable content to attract the target user, otherwise it may obviously you want to attract the pursuit of quality of life of city elite, is to save money and your grass root powder group (well, should think of a no harm, the contrast) between you all say love cannot continue, even start very difficult ah.

two, the dog can increase the chance of being approached by

(trust)The dog was accosted by

can increase the chance of many singles knew quite well. If you are not good at expression, a polytechnic male, so should the use of these interesting psychological sense, after all, no one can refuse a cute little animal. She would side with the cat she thought the boy’s love.

remember Dulux paint the White Shepherd in advertising? It is not too easy to express paint products, but with this lovely gentle and honest dog, and invisible in the user to establish a sense of trust, more than 50 years, Dulux’s plane or TVC, the furry guy everywhere Dulux, has become the indispensable link between users and emotion.


many companies are willing to use the adorable pet as their logo, is also in order to get more opportunities to communicate with consumers, and the animal image is more conducive to the amplification of specific features such as cat fashion, dog loyalty, cheetah speed etc..

three, talk to each other rather than monologue

love a person, should take the initiative to understand her, to find a topic to talk with her, a person at home talking bragging a few mean? Women are very smart, not so easy to get started.

content marketing is a two-way communication, not from hi. The emotional needs of the content and the target audience’s emotional needs and values in order to resonate. Therefore, it is very important to develop a targeted advertising strategy by subdividing the consumer groups and grasping their consumer psychology.

four, often appear in front of each other (high-frequency interaction)

We have seen a lot of beauty with the beast picture

life, why a man who looks not high not handsome nor rich but can embrace the beauty in your arms? Because they abandoned the high cold attitude high rich handsome, the morning to send warm breakfast, Night Stalker ask her out, occasional surprise run, call 365 days full of sincerity, when the goddess.


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