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Viral marketing is the marketing promotion coca diffusion type powerful tablet

last week, admin5.com webmaster net received a QQ message: my dear, I am XXX. Guess you are in my mind? I selected a Taobao doll for you, and you look like Oh! And then followed by a web site, at first thought it was QQ in what the virus did not dare, then friends say the virus is not, call me after landing to fill out the information she and I can get out of the Taobao doll. So I open the link, the original Taobao Taobao Jianghu landing page, landing after the emergence of a personal name and address information page, when I fill in the address and enter the mobile phone verification code received, then entered the Amoy mobilization speech friends page. It turned out that this is an arena to carry out the activities of Amoy Taobao, through the land to participate in the play Amoy Amoy lake, take the doll’s activities, you can get and give a friend Taobao official Limited Edition dolls. Specific activities are not here to send out the address, we can see the landing Amoy lake.

I fill out the information found a friend gave me a "wretched man" doll, although insignificant but also very cute, a total of eighteen dolls for your choice, when you receive a friend a gift doll can also give 6 dolls to other friends. You want to click on the free gift doll can get through a variety of network links to friends, only you sent a friend to fill in after the doll was successfully received data before friends give you a doll can receive. When it was found to be transferred to others, a bit of trouble do not want to play. But again, the doll is also very cute, and before you have filled out the information to this step, or transfer it, or before the effort is wasted. So take this attitude will transmit 6 doll links to friends, although there are two friends did not fill in the data collection, but also has four friends successfully fill out the information, it seems I’m not the only one who can not stop the lure of dolls.

after careful recall, not feeling Taobao promotion ability, this is really a terrible virus marketing ah, with interesting lovely doll attractive which is the first step, through Taobao’s extensive user base and SNS popularity quickly will attract users to participate in promotional activities out, this is the second step, set the ingenious set doll access should not be too easy or too can be just perfect, make you feel have the opportunity to get but have to pay a certain price. This price is the way to get through a variety of ways to allow users to participate in the activities of Taobao is now pushing more SNS scouring rivers and lakes to expand and consolidate the user base. There are three ways to get a doll, one is to participate in the survey but friends gave away the search is three dolls. The three way will allow you to participate in different levels of Amoy to the lake, to deepen the impression of Amoy lake, played an indirect role in promoting the rivers and lakes.

The last step of

and the activities of the most powerful power is the most perfect combination of viral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing promotion, let double diffusion type carry out, to attract potential users more solid foundation for existing users. The core is the friend gives the link, you obtain others >


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