Why is my blog so red

Why is my blog so red? Hey, wait, wait for the brick. I’m still a little self aware. Only more than 40 thousand of the traffic, I still know that their blog is not so red. My article is mainly written in 10 years later, it is also possible that after 20 years, when my blog hits to reach 10 million. Now write, get free time to rush. What? 20 years later also can’t reach? What about 40 years? 100 years? No one is in, I let my descendants from generation to click, the ancients said, "infinite generation after generation of descendants", play the spirit of great determination and courage, one day will break the 10 million. To this end, I will specifically added a poem titled "show children":

click on more than ten million days,

been forgotten but weng.

crap, can not watch, or straight to the point, let’s talk about my blog why so red.

my blog has a warm color, it is strong and bold, exciting, refreshing. In the blog have brilliant spring, my blog is energetic, vigorous. Why is Liu Xingliang’s blog so red?" It is our admiration and praise for it, at the same time, it may also be a scientific explanation.


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