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Look at the development of user strategy from the color of things through the site operation

1, unknown network search

is mainly aimed at the major search engine SEO, search through keywords to reach the site.

focus on Strategy: focus on the from keyword search engine, and the background analysis, update the original or false original data for the website time, increase your search engine.

retention strategy:

1 to retain this part of the people, it is necessary to provide relevant information, to be very detailed, carefully done topics.

2 user experience, into the site brand thinking, so that they become repeat customers. Warm tips for registration, as well as a long time did not sign up for a return visit, etc..

2, blog marketing

1 each blog site, have gathered a variety of personnel, registered blog, write articles, pushed to the circle or forum, from the blog with traffic.

2 blog is included, the search engine search guide role.

3, compete for the current community forum related customer resources

1 QQ group, post let everyone join, this part of the people can be moderately guided to our forum and website.

2 direct ads (not recommended).

4, forum, community resources to guide cooperation (recommended)

forum user resources in the community is a very good resource, we need another approach is to cooperate with the community forum webmaster.

1 advertising in its community.

2 hanging links on its website, such as they do not have to buy the function, we can put the link to buy him, and then from the registered user’s purchase of sales, to its appropriate royalty.

5, the traditional media can not be replaced by

relative to the network media, the role of traditional media into the hearts of people, because of the virtual network, the site’s information to identify the user more difficult.

1 the massive propaganda single look for a needle in the ocean.

2 precise positioning, for special user groups, posters or leaflets. For example: the color of the things for the lottery, lottery betting station is always nearby, so targeted in the betting station near the cooperation effect, more targeted.

from the color of the things (www.118114cp.com) website operation, website initial stage must be very perfect planning, including the positioning of the site, the user needs analysis, analysis, feasibility analysis, user strategy, promotion and so on, also said the website operation, policy guidance, improve the method of promotion way in practice.

purple tea (www.purpletea.cn), an opinion, I hope you made a comment on the exchange, thank you.


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