Promotion method of industry B2B website

industry websites because of its users are facing single industry groups, so the promotion of industry websites in the industry as long as we can achieve the purpose of promotion, industry oriented and divided into promotion oriented supplier and purchaser for the promotion of product oriented consumers, only to promote the three aspects of the industry, to the website the rapid rise in a short period of time. The purpose of the promotion is to attract more visitors, the goal is to achieve a virtuous cycle of development of the industry website. Industry website, Kung Fu is spent in the industry.

here we introduce the word "precision marketing", that is our promotion only for potential members, our potential buyers, potential consumers, and do not use those mass spam, everywhere posting method, these methods may be because of your title and content of the relatively good and attract some one-time visitors but that is likely to cause the attention of competitors, will pour more of their own brands, even will bring new competitors or hackers to industry website, so the The loss outweighs the gain.

in the promotion before the first to improve the content of the work station, if not what information, so take the time to promote hard visitors on the site will therefore lose the trust, even in your industry website completely lose confidence and switch to rivals. To find what association official, government departments such as cooperation, if not cooperation, and they also want to climb a little, in short, to do your industry website is a professional, authoritative and interactive.

a, for the promotion of suppliers

As long as there are a large number of suppliers in the

industry website released a large number of supply information, the industry website has a prerequisite for the development of. And a large number of suppliers is not only the establishment of an industry website, sit and other suppliers to join. It is necessary to vigorously promote and vigorously promote, so that their own industry in the industry in the site of the suppliers are quite well-known. The following list of commonly used methods to promote the industry:

1, with the industry associations, in the shortest possible time to their own industry in the field of industry associations within the scope of the open visibility.

2, and some of the industry’s famous people contact, ask them to improve the authority of information, access to the industry’s support of celebrities, it is critical. Industry insiders tend to be more attention to the industry, as long as they do a good job, your site will have an invisible promotional force

3, and large integrated B2B sites, such as Alibaba. In these big B2B site under the aura of the site will also be concerned about.

4, to participate in or organize industry meetings, and live on your website. This is an authoritative and professional performance of your website.

5, if you have newspapers and magazines in this industry, you often contribute to them. Very on the grade, it can be recognized by others.

6, local media in the industry gathering area >


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