Net network analysis program

these days, my wife has been about me to write down our love bit by bit, I have no time to say. Today, we are the torch festival of the Yi people, but the company did not have a holiday, normal work, depressed extreme, it is good to think about her proposal.

below, I analyze from several aspects, this article can be used as a site of the main theme, whether it can be done around the content of a website.

first of all, from the soul of the website, do have a central idea do persevere. From this perspective, the main website positioning network love, specifically is the story, a true story, of course is not a novel, narrative type, so it should be said that from this point of view, some are able to hold on for a long time thinking.

second, the main view of the site, the site in what way show to the audience, this is a stage, at this stage, we are in what way to let the audience understand and watch our content, here, can choose the blog, forums, or news system is OK, I suggested here is the news system. The news interactive system.

third, from the point of view of the site, how to add the site content. This is the main problem is to add their own management, or the formation of a team to add, or to allow the majority of the audience to add. I tend to let the audience to add, and then have the management staff to review, after all, the site theme to bright, so add the content must be to focus on the relevant content, the website of the soul in addition, add content is not yellow, gambling and drug aspect, because want to do a long-term site therefore, the relevant laws and regulations must comply with the internet.

fourth, from the website operation, what is the purpose of the site is to make money. So our website must be to make money, so to consider the way and direction of money. Here, there are several ways to suggest, as to whether it is feasible, but also to do specific analysis and operation to know. These are:

1, GOOGLE advertising, of course this must be done, but also to insist for a long time, indeed, in reading the article, no special things to collocation, really intolerable, the eye can not stand, so you can put ads on the content of GOOGLE in


membership fees mode, this should be divided into two kinds, one is to set membership fees, such as you read the article, then asks you to pay, for example, the general membership for a few months to read permissions, a senior member of a year to read permissions, VIP members have two to five years of reading competence, etc.. Another is that you have to pay for the contribution of the staff, of course, the premise is to make money in the case of a portion of your profits to contribute, otherwise, your site can not do.

3, alliance advertising, this may not be good.

other, according to the specific analysis and operation that appears on the Internet, now I do not


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