Baidu included and clear the site rules

  the Baidu related rules in the "Baidu" and the webmaster, carefully read it, a site is Baidu refused to possible reasons or punishment included the following (Note: each one followed by the corresponding analysis):

1. In the title of the text is not associated with the accumulation of keywords.

Interaction of

emphasizes the title and content of the website, if it comes to a keyword in the title, and the actual content of irrelevant keywords, then Baidu may be deleted. This clause reflects Baidu’s strict. But it is worth pondering, Baidu is with what method to determine the content and correlation the title of the web site keywords? Is the title of a keyword, the text must appear??? If not, then Baidu’s search technology can like, from the meaning and logic to analyze? For example, the machine can determine the organic glass mentioned in the title area with acrylic body which is the same thing? Of course, if all of Baidu artificial audit site, then this one is very good, very operational! However, there is a problem, the relevant manual audit is not relevant, in order to prevail?

2. Use automatic jump page, may be discarded by Baidu.

needless to comment on this article, mainly for the use of some of the jump cheating. Most search engines will have similar provisions.

3. Don’t have too many links on the same page. In those types of site map page, please put the important content links are given, but not all, all the minor details. Too many links, can also lead to Baidu can not be included

How many

4. If your site to do a lot of optimization for Baidu, but it brings a lot of negative experience to the user, then, your site may eventually be left out in the cold Baidu.

What is the name of

5. For has been repeated thousands of times the content, Baidu may not be included.

this, do not comment. Just to remind you to copy the content to find something new.


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