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Three elements of vertical SNS website operation

vertical SNS on the operation of the Internet to discuss a lot, I also try to take the www.ArtComb.com network as an example to share with you a little bit of operational experience, welcome to exchange discussion!

one: accurate positioning high-end users to establish a brand image

now because some SNS open source software to build, build the SNS threshold is very low, SNS site blossom everywhere, high demands on the team operation ability when how to make a unique site. The site should be carefully planned for the early stages of business objectives, direction and specific long-term profit plan, to predict the profitability of the project and the estimated return on investment. The new SNS is more suitable to focus on particular industries, specific populations deep needs, seek profit from. The location of the web site user group will be accurate, not blindly Tandaqiuquan, early to catch a small number of the most close to your earnings to high-end users, set up the website image, then use this batch of users reputation spread.

SNS is the most effective method of vertical type in the brand image of the packaging is the intensive cultivation of website content, invite some industry experts to guide the user to stay, in-depth exchanges and discussions of industry topics, playing the academic board. The operator must have to the forefront of the information industry and a keen judgment of academic research ability, to guide the user through professional academic exchanges, and strive to avoid the communication between users be generic. There is no substantial communication between users of the industry SNS site is difficult to attract high-end users, and high-quality active users is the most valuable resources in the vertical site.

to the beehive network, for example, was formally launched in June 08 years, located in the service of outstanding Chinese artists, the user is expected to be the most mature and outstanding artists, which is related to the long-term profit plan. Because of the initial construction site of single function, for the average user appeal is not large, so the honeycomb net just on the line did not rush around the promotion, but is using their contacts low-key invited some in the college art teacher in use. These university teachers generally have good academic strength and good education background, in a guide for some good site can make the content (original articles, pictures and other outstanding works), the communication between them is also more professional topics, and rich academic standards! Website academic atmosphere began to take shape, then in the new the user can feel the professional value of this site. The key is that the academic ability of previous users are active in the website, and ordinary users of these scholars direct interaction experience gained is incomparable in the traditional information site. The high-end brand image and the effect of the website began to form.

Summary: the

can not blindly publicity expansion, because will not mature products to users last undoubtedly. Should focus on the accumulation of high-quality users, and strive to build high-end professional image of the site, and resolutely avoid the content of hydration and entertainment!

two: intensive content >


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