Video website a cold autumn rain

      the annual internet conference ended in the rain. If the Internet people gathering across the Mid Autumn Festival is the fate, so this year the hottest video site with the cold autumn rain absolutely is not just a coincidence.

      Internet Conference is to the foot of the video site of the face, from the venue to the press center of the studio, who did not mention the video website if these words, they do not like the Internet. Indeed, the video site in the past year or so, the development and rapid. Even worrying, it will not lead to the birth of another Internet bubble. In the video site has become a popular word, as a leader in the video industry, whether to seize a straw?


      with YouTube as a reference, do Chinese video site Web2.0 is meaningless. Because China’s Internet users, users of the video site is still far from supporting a huge UGC market. So on the one hand to make the traditional network video content words, is staking on the other hand, the expansion will stick to the user as soon as possible. In the web broadcast, asked what is the time President Victor Koo Youku ultimate advantage of video website, the total firm answer: user. The thought that he will answer is rumored Youku strong team, the result was unexpected, yet so natural.


      Youku is proposed to do the threshold of the video is 100 million, or cool 6 rebuttal do not need to do video 100 million". This figure is only a concept, but that the two questions: first, do video sites, the need for a lot of capital; second, no one will despise the capital, and are trying to adapt to maximize their respective advantages. Capital contains a lot of content, the most direct manifestation of the funds, so there are more than two president of the game. Of course, also includes many factors, such as contacts. Money is not the only factor to determine success or failure, but who do not want the more the better?


      in the video industry, when it comes to resources, everyone will be very nervous, resources means competitive advantage, the performance of scarce, exclusive. launched shoot off in search of social hot spots in the grassroots; copyright film PPLive bought MBC for nearly 3000 hours; my music network first reached an exclusive cooperation with Hunan TV, simply directly to the official website of Andy Lau moved home. Competition for resources is more suitable for the Olympic slogan: higher, faster, stronger.




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