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WeChat formally launched a small program on the part of the application is mandatory to obtain permi

January 9th, Zhang Xiaolong officially announced the official launch of the small program on the day of WeChat open class.

along with a small program formally launched, the user can now through the two-dimensional code, search, dialogue sharing and WeChat public numbers and other ways to experience the developers to develop a small program. However, in WeChat small program to the consumer, run away, do not need to install or uninstall the excellent experience at the same time, some applications but there is a mandatory access to user rights issues, some people unhappy.

will not give you permission to play

APP, general APP will try to get the permission of various mobile phone, users get more information, in order to open yet many permissions for users may not be necessary, but also may cause the risk of leakage of private information. Therefore, the current mobile phone system can basically manage the permissions of the software, the use of the need to ask and ask the user to allow users to choose to allow, you can also choose to ban.


however, part of the small program was deprived of the rights of users to public comment on the small program for example, the requirements to obtain the position of the user authorization, although the authorization interface has a "permit" and "not allowed" two options, but when the user selects "not allowed", once again appeared on the same horse small program the authorization request until the user interface, select "allow", users can use the small program function.


of the user experience, APP to get location information is so important? May or may not be, because that some people might like to It differs from man to man., for the convenience of the sacrifice of privacy, but some people are just contrary. In any case, it is wrong for a small program to force user access.

does not give the right to harass you

some other small programs, although not to give permission not to play, but it is frequently requested authorization interface, it is very disturbing.

For example

in a rich way of beef stock, open the small program when it will appear "access to public information users" authorization request, although the user can choose to reject, and use all the normal function of small programs, but when the function block switch for each user in the following "market" and "mine", a small program once again the authorization request, until the user can not stand because of trouble and had chosen to allow "".

can’t I just take you to look at the stock quietly,



WeChat’s success, in addition to WeChat function itself is more practical, more important is that Zhang Xiaolong’s restraint, if WeChat has become like QQ with the different mixed function of the Big Mac, although not immediately go gas users, but WeChat will at least bad reputation. WeChat is going to be a closed path of apple


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