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Stationmaster net broadcast Alipay will be able to purchase train tickets for the acquisition of mog

1.4G licensing countdown, operators have their own troubles

IT of Sohu from close to the Ministry was informed that at the beginning of November will be issued 3 TD-LTE licenses. Ministry of science and technology division deputy inspector Dai Xiaohui said, the Ministry is busy preparing for the release of 4G licenses, 4G spectrum allocation."

previously, Minister of industry Miao Wei said that this year issued 4G licenses. As for the spectrum allocation and selection of a lot of controversy. The 4G license is only a matter of time, each department has been busy in mobile, Chinese China Telecom and China Unicom is also running for the standard……

2 Baidu financial platform in October on the line: the first plan hundred hair annual yield of 8%

October 21st news, Baidu today announced that Baidu’s financial center, financial management platform will be officially launched in October 28th, will also launch target of 8% annual rate of return financial plan Baifa (8.baidu.com).

Baidu relevant responsible person said, "Baidu financial center will be based on existing resources comprehensive Baidu, equal cooperation with our financial institutions, reshaping the traditional financial product design, packaging, sales and service of all aspects, plans to build a public oriented customer financial service platform, financial center and loan center, to provide security high yield, simple and easy to operate and management service for the user.

3 video business into a Sohu in the city after leaving Liu Chun Zhang Zhaoyang to force the gun

Sohu group’s focus on the recent turmoil in business.

October 14th, Liu Chun, vice president of Sohu and Sohu editor in chief, I am sure I will leave from Sohu, the news that it will join the film industry to start their own business. Liu Chun’s whereabouts have not officially announced. Rumors have three to go, one is their own business, two is Wanda joined Iqiyi, three.

previously, Liu Chun had served as president of Sohu video. Currently, Sohu video is the focus of the business of Sohu group, but also to tackle the problem.

video for this center business Sohu, how to promote? October 17th, Sohu group chairman of the board of directors Zhang Zhaoyang accepted the interview "twenty-first Century economic report", the answer is "internal growth," said this with Iqiyi, Youku through mergers and acquisitions to do a large-scale "external growth" tit for tat.

at present, Sohu group’s business, including Sohu portal, swim, Sohu video, Sogou, focus network, 17173, etc., which is the focus of the current video Sohu Zhang Zhaoyang.

4 Alipay said 12306 technical program has been completed will be able to buy train tickets

news October 21st, Alipay share in the recently held meeting, Ali small micro domestic business group president Fan Zhiming said, Alipay has entered the bidding plan for the railway sector, the current branch >


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