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Sports special students PPTV nternet sports logic

Where did

go to watch the game live? More and more fans have given up on CCTV-5, but in front of the computer and tablet PC. These fans may be able to watch the live broadcast, it may be through the client, mobile applications, but most of them look at the PPTV. The "80" by Yao Xin in 2005 when the school studying master development P2P video software (originally called PPLive), is the largest tribe gather a line of fans.

and early direct major television programs as a selling point, PPTV is now selling has obtained the authorization of live events, which includes not only has the largest audience in the Chinese Premier League, including the Olympic Games, the European Cup this super tournament, and super, CBA, net, F1 and other conventional events, including as part of the exclusive rights to broadcast network video.

get the right to broadcast these popular events, of course, expensive. But PPTV has initially proved that after the huge Chinese fans group, it can be profitable. In the summer of 2012, with the European Cup of online video exclusive broadcast PPTV attracted tens of millions of fans, in the final night, 30 million people watched the game through the PPTV client. Market research firm CTR data show that during the European Cup PPTV average ratings of 40% CCTV-5. PPTV inventory gains in the European Cup was found, through the live to get nearly three times the rate of return.

genuine TV drama is the main power of most video sites attract people away from the front of the TV, such as Youku, potatoes, video, Iqiyi and other Sohu. Focus on sports PPTV in the video industry has become the main force in stealth game player, released in the third quarter of 2012 iResearch China online video industry report, PPTV daily coverage after Youku potatoes, daily coverage reached 34 million 990 thousand.

has lived abroad for more than ten years PPTV CEO Tao Chuang known sports media value can not be underestimated. In Forbes announced in October this year, "the world’s most valuable sports brand" list, sports program distributors accounted for half of the country in the top ten. ESPN, which is valued at $11 billion 500 million in brand value, is even more than the top third Adidas ($6 billion 800 million) in. In the overseas media, sports are generally the first media." Tao Chuang told the Global Entrepreneur, which is the future of PPTV will have a larger space base.

fans demand

Tao Chuang in the planning, the focus of the development of PPTV should be supported by live technology as the support of sports and entertainment, in order to create differentiated brand influence. Sub entertainment refers to Hong Kong and Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Mainland China’s film and television entertainment programs. He likened the PPTV to a restaurant, the industry are in the film and television drama to snatch the resources it needs to be provided to the diners who white rice, and in the drama, including Taiwan, including Asian entertainment as the


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