Taobao mall B2C open

as a leader in Chinese e-commerce trends each Alibaba are concerned, as an important strategy for 08 years Taobao mall natural concern. Although Taobao relevant responsible person stressed in a Taobao B2C will be different from the current B2C mode, but a closer look at brand mall and B2C shopping mall merchants introduction can still guess, could not escape a online shopping mode.

In fact,

before Taobao did explore the two profit model, one is the PPC is a brand mall, and the initial success of PPC failure and brand mall makes Taobao finally decided to develop B2C business, the real return theme of, C2C also is from Taobao point right away, don’t the misleading concept of C2C. In the China Internet environment to the enterprise money forever than to individual money easier.

is also a product basically does not appear in the same store, clothing wholesale market every few house brands are different, this is completely subvert the industry rules in Taobao, there will be hundreds of thousands of businesses while selling the same goods on Taobao, and more likely to be are from the same business. Such a clear violation of the laws of the business must be like for a long time, so with the Taobao mall.

I still believe that the

80/20 rule, to fee earnings, could not catch all users, the best way is to hold the big businesses, to provide them with better service, and charge a fee. That would make them more willing to pay the money. It is in the top one hundred businesses each businessman earn $10, as in a businessman who earn $1000, so there is the Taobao mall.

In fact, the

model is not new, the 6688 started long before the Chinese electronic commerce is known as the father of Wang Juntao is such a model, invite different industries and different brands of merchants settled and offline shopping, packaged collective propaganda mode, unfortunately did not succeed, and the transformation of the mobile commerce 6688. But Wang Juntao’s understanding of China’s e-commerce and forward-looking have to admire.

The development of

contrast 6688 and Taobao is clearly evident in the process of the two. 6688 first invited merchants settled, or free or low price, then the publicity and promotion of the whole, completely is a concept of online shopping mall, it is clear that for consumers do not have much appeal, compared to other e-commerce sites also have a unique competitive advantage, and then the 6688 just started without any brand support, unlike Carrefour known as Wangfujing department store based on the flow of people downtown. So 6688 promotion is very hard.

look at Taobao, he grabbed everyone wants to make money this heart characteristics, the concept of online entrepreneurship to attract countless individual businesses settled. And Taobao University, a lecturer course which gives us a very important reminder, Taobao sellers also buyers. In my nearly 100 school


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