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A large area of retreat depth analysis of the nternet industry in Shanghai why sink


once, why can not get out of Shanghai Ma Yun (micro-blog) fiery discussion for a moment, which represents the hope that the development of the Internet in Shanghai hope. However, over the past 8 years, not only did not appear in Shanghai Ma, the entire development of the Internet industry is worrying.

in recent years, although Shanghai has similar hungry, ocean terminal and other cutting-edge Internet companies, but only a few number of enterprises, the development scale is not large, but some have fiery Internet companies down quickly.

for example, Shanda, the giants, The9, long tours once brilliant enterprise fast fading. A few relatively large mature Internet companies have also been mergers and acquisitions, the last 2 months, Wanda $300 million holding fast money, $267 million acquisition of live off the city of 58.

and the two Beijing rise of millet, the U.S. group, Jingdong and other enterprises, Shenzhen BGI, Xinjiang science and technology enterprises, rely on intelligent hardware once more male, Guangzhou born WeChat, vip.com, Hangzhou is the surrounding Ali ecological chain.

PC is the leading Internet era in Shanghai, but in this round of the wave of mobile Internet is gradually being marginalized, so many people sigh, in the mobile Internet era, the Internet industry in Shanghai are sinking, Shanghai may no longer be the Internet business place.


Shanghai: a large area of

in the Internet

recently 58 city in cash and stock acquisition of second-hand housing electricity supplier off the air, after the end of the transaction, live off the original CEO Liang Wei Ping (micro-blog) will begin the two venture. According to Tencent science and technology, Liang Weiping as early as June 2014 has been actively preparing for the sale of live off.

The reason is that

, nervous anjuke and real estate intermediary home chain, customer relationship, and sprint IPO failed, Liang Weiping has been considering anjuke transformation, but the transformation challenges too, simply start all over again without reservation, to join more hot O2O business to go.

and not long ago, Wanda Group to spend more than $300 million holding off the city’s brothers live, the third party payment business money. Fast money, a veteran of the company in the years to maintain independent operations, and ultimately put into the electricity supplier Wanda and financial ecosystem embrace.

more determined to change from the grand. Throughout 2014, the grand sale of its original 3 core assets – Games, literature, video. In particular, the game was a grand start of the industry, but Shanda Interactive no longer holds any stake in shanda.

The number of

Internet companies in Shanghai this is not, in the lonely, 9 cities after the privatization of the giant network, from a series of actions grand, quick money, live off the Shanghai declaration of the Internet community more lonely, Shanghai in the era of mobile Internet era behind more than PC.

this triggered Shanghai Internet entrepreneurs sigh. The name of the Almighty king CEO town Lixin on Tencent technology, said the Internet in Shanghai >


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